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Bedrock going against Bowser
Species Stone Rabbid
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)

Bedrock is a member of the Spark Hunters and a boss in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. She is a pink-haired female Rabbid with two square pigtails. She wears the black-pink clothing of a Greco-Roman wrestler. Her major physical distinction is her square and blocky body due to her DNA being merged with a granite block. Bedrock is named after the rock of the same name, a solid rock found under loose deposits such as soil and aluminum,


Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

Bedrock was created by Cursa as a member of the Spark Hunters along with Edge, Daphne, and Midnite. When Edge betrayed Cursa, Bedrock and the others sided against her, remaining loyal to Cursa.

Bedrock is encountered in Palette Prime, where she is engaged in a fight against Bowser. As they fight, Bowser notices Mario watching and glares at him, while Bedrock does the same with Edge. Bowser take advantage of such a distraction to headbutt Bedrock, but she quickly regains the upper hand and tosses him into a nearby Darkmess Tentacle and chases him. The team of heroes follows them and helps Bowser by giving him a Bowzooka to fight her. After defeating Bedrock, she is quickly rescued by Daphne, and the two of them flee the scene, while Bedrock glares again at Edge.

Bedrock and Midnite return to Cursa with nothing while Daphne succeeded in capturing three Sparks, to their annoyance. Cursa almost crushes Bedrock and Midnite for their failures. Following Cursa's defeat, it is unknown what happens to Bedrock afterwards.


Bedrock is fought in the battle Blast Through the Bedrock. During Bedrock's boss battle, Bowser is a pre-set party member while the player chooses the other three. Bedrock has short movement and attack range. She attacks by jumping above a hero and body slamming them, inflicting high damage. If Bedrock is attacked, she jumps up and causes a shockwave when she lands, then prematurely pursues the attacker a short distance. Standard attacks do not deal much damage to Bedrock, however she can be lured on top of explosive barrels around the battlefield, where if she uses her jump attack, she gets blown back and takes massive damage. Bedrock is resistant to the Burn Super Effect.


Tacticam analysis[edit]

Bedrock icon BEDROCK
Incredibly strong. Viciously stomps opponents and then leaps out of reach. When hit, becomes enraged and will pursue her assailant, rushing headlong into whatever lay in her path.
Burn resistance icon from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope BURN
Palette Prime
  • Attacks
    • Aftershock
      • Enemy Assaults trigger an immediate Stomp attack that causes area DMG.
    • Solo Stomp X1
      • Ally not needed to Jump! Damages opponents by stomping on them.
    • Cover Crasher
      • While moving voluntarily, obliterates destructible block-shaped cover upon colliding with it.

Memory bio[edit]

Image for Bedrock Memory in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Another Spark Hunter crossed our path - Bedrock. Cursa has merged Rabbid DNA with an inanimate object! In this case, a coarse granite rock - massive, hard, and tough.
Bedrock is impossibly strong - an unstoppable force let loose upon the Sparks. Our sole advantage are that she is as dense as the granite she sprang from, as well as our alliance with Bowser, whom Bedrock respects as her equal in combat.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベッドロック
French Bibi Common nickname
German Grranita From "granit" (granite) and the "grrr" (the comic or cartoon onomatopoeia for boiling anger)
Italian Bedrock -
Portuguese Granita From "granito" (granite) and the suffix "-ita"
Spanish Pedrisca Portmanteau of "piedra" (stone) and the name "Francisca"


  • Yves Barthez, the marketing director, stated Bedrock to be his favorite of the Spark Hunters.[1]


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