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Momma, or Sonny's Momma, is a character in the Saturday Supercade episode Hairy Parent. She is an anthropomorphic ape resident of Africa who has deep affection for her son, Sonny.

Momma first appears near the middle of the episode, where she was given a letter by Donkey Kong from Sonny. She was flattered by the letter, but was kidnapped by Trapper Jack before she could more deeply express her feelings.

Later, when Pauline devised a plan to free Momma and the other animals at the auction, Mario entered the same cage as her. Momma, mistaking Mario as "Poppa", embraced him, causing the two to be auctioned together. While the auction was in session, Donkey Kong rescued both Mario and Momma by creating a diversion to distract the auctioneers and the top bidders, as well as Trapper Jack. Momma eventually joined Mario and co. in "banishing" Trapper Jack from Africa.

Momma eventually tagged along for Mario's, Pauline's, and Donkey Kong's return trip to Safari Land, where she shared a joyful reunion with Sonny.