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Splash screen featuring Finn
“One-shark feeding frenzy!”
Introductory Tagline

Finn is the second boss in the Donkey Kong Adventure mode of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. He is a shark-like Rabbid with a broken hook in his "shark mouth", a missing right eye, and a fishing line around him. He is first seen gorging on a large pile of Bad Bananas; when spotted by Donkey Kong and co., he immediately attacks them.

Finn acts somewhat like a Smasher, as he moves towards any character that attacks him, damaging them if he reaches them. His main attack involves him swinging his hammer in circles when near characters, and then moving close enough to another character to attack them on the next turn.

When defeated, Finn will defuse from the item he was merged with: a rubber shark.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Enemy
Health Points 600 Team Jump None Shark Rage 20 DMG
Area of Movement 38 Cells Primary Weapon Octo Hammer Secondary Weapon
70 DMG None
Pipe Exit Range None Primary Technique Prying Eyes Denier Secondary Technique Villain Sight
Immune to reaction shots while moving 70 DMG
Chase Range 6 Cells Tertiary Technique One shark feeding frenzy!