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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle enemy
Bwario Portrait
Health Points 800
Area of Movement 8 Cells
Pipe Exit Range 3 Cells
Chase Range None
Ground Pound 6 Cells
Dash None
Primary Weapon Rumblebang
85 DMG
Secondary Weapon
Primary Technique Villain Sight
85-85 DMG
Secondary Technique
Tertiary Technique
Corrupt Caricatures!
Bwario & Bwaluigi splash screen from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Splash screen featuring Bwario

Bwario is a notable Rabbid enemy in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. As his name suggests, he is similar to Wario, with his signature mustache, cap with an upside down logo of Mario's "M" rather than Wario's unique "W" logo and not overlapping the white background along with lacking the white stripe around the brim, and clothes; unlike Wario, however, he is quite small and not obese.

Bwario appears in the Lava Pit, summoned by the Megabug to stop the heroes from reaching Bowser's Castle. He is fought twice in the game (not counting Challenge levels); the first time alongside his stronger ally Bwaluigi, and the second time alongside both Bwaluigi and the Lava Queen.

Bwario behaves similarly to a Valkyrie. He has significantly less HP than Bwaluigi, but attacks at range with a gatling gun seemingly built out of green pipes. He can also activate a "reaction shot" technique to hit heroes as they move. His team jumps also produce close-range shockwaves upon landing, seemingly by smashing the ground with his gun. He and all of his allies must be defeated in order to claim victory, except during the Lava Pit's secret level Clandestine Cave, where instead, only he, Bwaluigi and the Lava Queen must be defeated (together known as the "Bwaaah Trio").


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Russian Ба-а-арио
Spanish Bwario -