Captain Orion

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Captain Orion
Captain Orion model
Species Rabbid
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
Portrayed by David Gasman (English)[1]
Pietro Ubaldi (Italian)
Nobuaki Kanemitsu (Japanese)
“Hang me for a cheese sniffer's son - I tried to haul her to safety, but I was pushed out, as if by an unseen hand!”
Captain Orion, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Captain Orion is a minor NPC Rabbid character who appears in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. He is the warden of Pristine Peaks. Captain Orion was a traveler who had escaped from Cursa then got lost soon after, along with his mystery co-pilot. They eventually crash-landed at Pristine Peaks, due to not buying enough fuel.


Captain Orion is a tall male Rabbid wearing a captain's uniform, with a hat to match. He also has an orange handelebar mustache, and wears a striped purple scarf.


Captain Orion is a polite, protecting, commanding, and loving Rabbid. He commands the heroes to head inside the Winter Palace, along with himself, in order to save Rabbid Rosalina. Captain Orion shows a very caring side to Rabbid Rosalina, as he hugs her after reuniting with her, as if they are family. When Midnite destroys Rabbid Rosalina's knit work, he gets worried, as he declares that she is never without it.



Captain Orion was a traveler who had escaped from Cursa, and rescued Rabbid Rosalina. He is also not great at navigating, and is stingy towards buying fuel. Because of these, they crash-landed at Pristine Peaks, and Captain Orion became the warden in the process. Rabbid Rosalina wandered inside of the Winter Palace, and was captured by Midnite. Captain Orion tried to rescue her, but Midnite kicked him out of the Winter Palace.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

After the heroes end the blizzard, they make their way to the Winter Palace to stop the second Darkmess Tentacle. At the entrance, the heroes find a frozen Captain Orion, who was trying to enter the Winter Palace. He then tasks the heroes to head inside and save Rabbid Rosalina, with Orion joining them.

While exploring the Winter Palace, the group encounters Midnite, one of Cursa's Spark Hunters. She taunts the heroes, and even destroys Rabbid Rosalina's knit work, high worries Captain Orion. When the group reaches the top, Midnite tells the group that she was once friends with Edge, with Edge wanting to end the discussion. Midnite then enters the Darkmess Tentacle, and the heroes enter as well.

Midnite capturing Captain Orion before the battle
Captain Orion captured by Midnite

While inside the Darkmess Tentacle, Captain Orion finds Rabbid Rosalina, and he attempts to reunite with her, but is captured by Midnite. The heroes, along with Rabbid Rosalina, team up to defeat Midnite. After Midnite is defeated, Captain Orion is freed, and hugs Rabbid Rosalina. Edge then shows mercy to Midnite, who then leaves. Captain Orion then tasks Rabbid Rosalina to join the heroes on their adventure, who does reluctantly, but still follows his orders.


Mural information[edit]

The following quotes are spoken by Beep-0, who describes each mural:

Mural 1
  • "Orion made a daring escape from Cursa, yet even at the risk of capture he made sure to pay his harbor fees beforehand."
Mural 2
  • "Here's the master navigator, err... holding his map upside down while trying to find a rest stop with a bathroom."
Mural 3
  • "Orion faced a Comet-Eater and lived, but ask to hear the story and all you get is grumbling about fuel costs and wholesale prices of celestial fish."
Mural 4
  • "Orion ran out of fuel and called his insurance company for "deep space gondola assistance". That stuff pays for itself!"
Mural 5
  • "Orion paid for fuel and a variety of extremely unhealthy snacks with loose change. The cashier ignored him."
Mural 6
  • "Orion was so destitute at one point that he used an old boot as bait in hopes a neutrino slime would fancy using it as a nest. GROSS!"
Mural 7
  • "Looks like a cross between an angry nebula shark and an extremely irritated blob lobster. I'll admit, I'm stumped."
Mural 8
  • "Orion obeys the celestial angler's code- give aid whenever needed. Though it looks like his first aid certification is a little rusty."
Mural 9
  • "Captain Orion struggles at map reading, having always considered them an "extravagant luxury" meant for the idle rich."
Mural 10
  • "Orion and his mystery co-pilot ran out of fuel AGAIN and were forced to crash-land here."
  • "That's what happens when you put only two coins worth of fuel into your ship at a time."

Memory bio[edit]

Image for Captain Orion Memory in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

We met a curious figure in Captain Orion, the de facto warden of Pristine Peaks after he crash-landed there in his ship. This "fisherman of the cosmos", who lived a life of quiet solitude, was overcome with worry over someone who he recently rescued, who wandered off inside the Winter Palace. How do bio-forms create attachments so quickly? It seems as much of a curse as a blessing.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オリオン
Orion Senchō

Captain Orion
Italian Capitano Orione Captain Orion
Portuguese (NOA) Capitão Ório Captain Orion
Spanish Capitán Orión Captain Orion