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Kanya smiling in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Species Rabbid
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (The Last Spark Hunter) (2023)
Portrayed by Tiffany Hofstetter[1][better source needed] (English)
(See Portrayals section for more)
Kanya, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Kanya is a female Rabbid character who appears as the titular main antagonist of The Last Spark Hunter DLC in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. She is the fourth Spark Hunter, and is found on the planet Melodic Gardens. Kanya's appearance was foreshadowed in the main game where in the battlefield for the battle Deep, Dark Secret, there are statues for each of the other three Spark Hunters and there is a fourth depicting Kanya's body, although the statue's head is missing. This is alluded to in the Memory entry "The Broken Statue". Kanya is very skilled in machines and robotics, as she has created Proto Mecha King Bob-omb and Mecha King Bob-omb. In the Flooded Ruins, Kanya has a HQ where the Spark Cryodash is being used as a power source.

Despite being created by Cursa, Kanya has no respect for her creator, deeming herself a "lackey" and thus wanted nothing to do with Cursa. This caused Kanya to go her own way, traveling to the Melodic Gardens and creating a secret plan to conquer Cursa, as well as the entire galaxy herself.


Kanya is a female Rabbid who has black hair with spikes on the sides, along with red "eyebrows", and has yellow ribbons wrapped around her ears. Kanya's eyes have a single eyelash each, have black eyeshadow, and her eyes themselves are a bright yellow/orange color. Kanya has lots of spiky teeth comparable to that of a Chain Chomp when she smiles. She wears a black dress with red shorts underneath, and has a yellow bow on the back of her dress. Kanya has red armbands on her arms and wears white and black boots on her feet. Kanya's design strongly resembles that of Edge, but with red hair instead of green.


Kanya is shown to be very stubborn and insane, frequently smiling and cackling psychotically. Whenever Cursa was mentioned, Kanya shows her angry side, showing her distaste for Cursa and her former position. Kanya is not shown to be intimidated, indicated by her applauding of the destruction of her Proto Mecha King Bob-omb, although this was in part because she had not expected it to beat the heroes due it being a prototype that was sent out for field testing.



According to Kanya's Memory, after Edge betrayed Cursa, Cursa created Kanya to lead the Spark Hunters, but Kanya was not satisfied with her position and traveled to the Melodic Gardens to secretly plot a plan to usurp Cursa, and thus conquer the galaxy herself. This plan would be to create lots of Mecha King Bob-ombs to conquer the galaxy.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

Kanya using a remote control to release Proto Mecha King Bob-omb in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Kanya about to send Proto Mecha King Bob-omb against the heroes

After the heroes meet Allegra, they follow her as she leads to her friend, but they encounter Kanya along the way. Kanya introduces herself and tells the heroes that she knows all about them. Edge is very confused as she has no idea who Kanya is, as she was created after Edge betrayed Cursa. Kanya then tells the group that she wants nothing to do with Cursa, and thus has her own plans. She tells Allegra that her pet may be in danger, which causes Allegra to sorrowfully run off ahead, fearing for her pet's safety. Kanya then unleashes Proto Mecha King Bob-omb on the heroes, which they defeat. Kanya then applauds the heroes, and leaves.

Kanya controlling Mecha King Bob-omb in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Kanya about to fight the heroes in her Mecha King Bob-omb

After the heroes catch up with Allegra, Allegra's pet is revealed to be a Dorrie, but it is imprisoned in a cage. Kanya then attacks the heroes with her Mecha King Bob-omb, with her in the cockpit. The heroes manage to free the Dorrie, and Allegra, the Dorrie, and all the heroes unite together to fight against Kanya. They destroy Mecha King Bob-omb, causing it to malfunction and be launched into space along with Kanya, defeating her for good.

Memory bio[edit]

Memory image of Kanya in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Kanya was created by Cursa to lead the rest of the Spark Hunters after their first commander went rogue (an experience Cursa might well have learned from). Kanya, seeing her role of Cursa's "lackey" as beneath her, struck out on her own in an effort to usurp her creator and conquer the galaxy. Her inferiority complex has made her more ruthless than any of her former subordinates.




  • Kanya's broken statue depicts her with a spiky chain-like weapon, but she is not seen with it herself.
  • Out of all the Spark Hunters, Kanya is the only one not to be fought directly outside of piloting Mecha King Bob-omb.
  • Kanya is referred to as "Kania" in her concept artwork.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カーニャ

Chinese 康雅

German Kanya
Italian Kanya
Portuguese (NOA) Inovânya
Portmanteau of "inovativo" (inovative) and the name "Vânia"
Spanish Kanya