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Species Mist Rabbid
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
Portrayed by Sharon Mann (English)[1]
Chisa Yuuki (Japanese)
“See, real friends don't just up and ghost you, Edge Edge icon... ...real friends stick around.”
Midnite, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Midnite is a member of Cursa's army of Spark Hunters and a boss in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. She is a blue-haired female Rabbid with the appearance of a ghost, with a frilly dress and a paper fan. Her name is a pun on the word "midnight", supporting her spooky appearance and nature.

It is stated she is not an actual ghost[2], but was merged with a cold and eerie mist, giving her such an appearance.


Midnite is a female Rabbid with long dark blue and purple hair. Midnite's eyes have three eyelashes each, one large, one shorter, and another even shorter. Her eyes have purple eyeshadow, and her eyes themselves are a bright pink color that glows. Midnite has two fangs in her mouth. She wears a blue, purple and white sleeveless dress that has patterns of frills on it. Because Midnite was merged with a "cold and eerie mist", she has the glowing and translucency of a ghost, but is not actually a ghost. The bottom half of her body is bright blue, and is similar to a ghost's body.


Midnite is shown to be very mischievous and snarky, showing up multiple times while the heroes were traveling through the Winter Palace. She even destroys Rabbid Rosalina's knitwork in front of Captain Orion's eyes. When Edge arrives with the heroes, Midnite was glad to see her former friend, but quickly showed disapproval when Edge shook her head no. After the heroes defeat Midnite, Edge spares her, which makes Midnite know that her former friend still cares about her. Midnite is also shown to be jealous and remorseful. When she and Bedrock watched as Cursa absorbs the energy of the Sparks, they both felt sadness. They both also looked worried when Cursa was angry at them for failing her. When Daphne arrived with the Sparks, Midnite showed jealousy towards her.


Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

Midnite was created by Cursa as a member of the Spark Hunters. When Edge, their leader, turned on Cursa, Midnite betrayed her in turn and sided with Cursa along with Bedrock and Daphne.

Midnite taunting Captain Orion
Midnite taunting Captain Orion

Midnite is found at Pristine Peaks, haunting the Winter Palace, where she locks up Rabbid Rosalina in the library. To rescue her, Captain Orion gathers the help of the heroes to explore the Winter Palace, where the group sees Midnite appearing and disappearing from the walls, at one point taunting Orion by destroying one of Rabbid Rosalina's knitting tools in front of him.

Once the heroes arrive at the library, Midnite appears yet again and sees Edge, thinking that she has returned to help out Midnite, but Edge shakes her head, causing Midnite to get annoyed. Midnite then tells the heroes that her and Edge used to be friends, causing confusion for everyone. Edge quickly ends the discussion, and Midnite taunts Edge, saying "real friends stick around". She then vanishes into the Darkmess Tentacle, and the heroes chase after her.

Inside the Darkmess Tentacle, Rabbid Rosalina is seen reading books, and is bored. Captain Orion sees her and runs towards Rabbid Rosalina, only to get captured and caged by Midnite. This angers Rabbid Rosalina, who joins the heroes in a fight against Midnite. After she is defeated, Captain Orion and Rabbid Rosalina are rescued and Edge confronts Midnite, who flies away with a remorseful expression.

She and Bedrock return to Cursa empty-handed, but to their shock and anger, Daphne had managed to capture three of the Sparks. Cursa almost flattens Midnite for her failures. Following Cursa's defeat, it is implied Midnite and the other Spark Hunters survived and would find a new profession.


Midnite is fought in the battle Midnite Library. During the battle, Rabbid Rosalina is required to use while the player can choose three other party members. In battle, Midnite fights similarly to the Peek-a-Boos from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: instead of moving, she teleports from one place to another and attacks from a distance. Midnite also has two techniques at her disposal: one exhausts nearby heroes, and the other increases the damage of herself and nearby allies. She is also resistant to the Frostbite Super Effect. She has three phases, between which she uses her fan to move the library shelves into a new position, while the floor and Warp Pipes remain unchanged. She is aided in battle by Bob-ombs, Squashers and Flamin' Stooges in the first phase, Bob-ombs and Lone Wolves in the second one and by Bob-ombs, Lone Wolves and Squashers in the third.


Tacticam analysis[edit]

Midnite icon MIDNITE
A versatile Spark Hunter whose Techniques can limit Heroes' Attacks or increase the damage done by allies.
Frostbite resistance icon from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope FROSTBITE
Pristine Peaks
  • Attacks
    • Woe-Fan
      • Fires a medium-range projectile with a flat trajectory.
    • Weaken
      • Targets are struck with the Weaken effect, reducing their weapon and move ability damage.
    • Misty Surge
      • Creates an area effect that boosts the attack DMG of all allies within range. (2nd and 3rd phases only)
    • Teleport x1
      • Can move almost anywhere, passing through obstacles and hovering over pits, chasms, voids, etc.

Memory bio[edit]

Image for Midnite Memory in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Today, we encountered a bioform more terrible than any of Cursa's minions thus far - a Spark Hunter named Midnite.
An analysis revealed that Midnite is the result of a merge between Rabbid DNA and "a cold mist during the dead of night that chills to the bone." The combination is cunning, alluring, and highly treacherous.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミッドナイト

Chinese 月夜兔
Moonlight Rabbit

French Minuit
German Trauma
Italian Midnite
Portuguese Madruguita
From "madruguinha" (early morning) or "madrugada" (dawn), with suffix "-ita"
Russian Миднайт
Transliteration of "Midnight"

Spanish Medianocta
From "medianoche" (midnight)