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Rabbid Luigi performing a Team Jump in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Rabbid Luigi performing a Team Jump in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
“Also, you can cover more ground with a TEAM JUMP! Select a cell with an ally and press A Button.”
Beep-0, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Team Jump is a mechanic in the Mario + Rabbids series. It allows a character to jump off of an ally, launching them in the air, as well as to cover more distance. All heroes are capable of performing Team Jumps (with the exception of Donkey Kong). Some enemies are capable of this ability as well.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle[edit]

In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the Team Jump mechanic is introduced in the first battle of stage of of Ancient Gardens, the same battle where the Dash mechanic is first seen. After selecting an ally, the player can then choose a cell to jump to, allowing them to cross over gaps and to reach higher ground. Once a character lands, their movement phase for the turn ends as well.

The heroes each have their own Skill Tree, each with their own unique upgrades for their Team Jump. The Super Mario characters have unique Team Jumps, while the Rabbids have normal Team Jumps. The default Team Jump distance is 6 cells. Every character has an upgrade known as "Cleansing Jump", which removes all negative Super Effects from the hero assisting the Team Jump. Mario has a "Stomp Jump" that allows him to deal up to 150 damage to an enemy, and then jump up to 6 cells away. Luigi can Team Jump off of 2 heroes in a turn, allowing him to reach even greater distances. His Team Jumps can reach to 10 cells each, the most for any character. Princess Peach can have the "Healing Jump", allowing her to heal herself, as well as any allies in range, for up to 20% HP, up to 4 cells in range. Peach's Team Jump distance can also reach to 8 cells. Yoshi has the "Ground Pound", allowing him to deal area damage to everything (including cover) around him when he lands. The closer Yoshi is to the enemies, the more damage will be done. Up to 130 damage can be done, in a 5 cell range. Yoshi's Team Jump can also reach up to 8 cells in distance. Rabbid Peach can reach to 8 cells with her Team Jump. Rabbid Luigi and Rabbid Mario can only reach to 7 cells with their Team Jumps. Rabbid Yoshi is the only character to not have any Team Jump upgrades, other than Cleansing Jump.

In the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC, Donkey Kong cannot perform any Team Jumps, but he can throw allies to other locations, similar to a Team Jump. When Donkey Kong grabs another hero, all negative Super Effects are cleansed from that hero. Rabbid Peach still has the same distance of 8 cells. Rabbid Cranky has the "Grump Jump", allowing him to shoot above any enemies in range, dealing up to 60 damage to them, up to 3 cells in range. This attack also causes the Freeze Super Effect to affected characters. Rabbid Cranky's Grump Jump only activates when enemies are in range. Rabbid Cranky can also Team Jump up to 8 cells in distance, in addition to having the "Cleansing Jump" upgrade.

In VS. Mode, there are Jump Panels that allow the heroes to Team Jump without an ally.

Below is a list of enemies that are capable of Team Jumps, as well as their distances and other factors:

Main game[edit]

  • Garden Hopper - 7 cells
  • Sherbet Hopper - 7 cells (double Team Jump)
  • Spooky Hopper - 7 cells (double Team Jump)
  • Lava Hopper - 7 cells (double Team Jump)
  • Spooky Valkyrie - 6 cells (causes a Ground Pound when landing, damaging everything nearby)
  • Lave Valkyrie - 6 cells (causes a Ground Pound when landing, damaging everything nearby)
  • Bwario - 6 cells (causes a Ground Pound when landing, damaging everything nearby)
  • Lava Queen - 6 cells (causes a Ground Pound when landing, damaging everything nearby, as well as causing the Burn Super Effect)

Donkey Kong Adventure[edit]

  • Tropical Hopper - 8 cells (double Team Jump, causes the Vampire Super Effect around them when they land. This does not deal any damage)

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

Team Jump returns in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Instead of jumping to a location however, the heroes Glide for a short time after Team Jumping, hanging on to Beep-0. While gliding, the player can freely control the hero to hover around. Beep-0 has a gauge that decreases while gliding. When the meter runs out, the hero drops down. The player also has the option to jump down early. Jump Panels also return, allowing the heroes to glide without an ally. The default Glide time is 3.75 seconds, while the default landing range is 5m. Gliding from a Jump Panel is always 3.75 seconds long, regardless of upgrades.

Each hero has their own upgrades to their Skill Trees. Not all heroes have upgrades for their Team Jumps, with the only one being Rabbid Mario. Mario can glide for 5.75 seconds, as well as having up to 3 Stomps to deal damage to enemies by landing on them. Multiple Stomps can be done on the same enemy. The glide time after a Stomp can be increased to 5.75 seconds. Rabbid Peach can glide up to 5.75 seconds, and she has the "Healing Jump" instead of Princess Peach. This allows her to heal herself and allies within a 5m range by up to 15% of their max HP. Healing Jump activates only once a turn. Rabbid Luigi can glide up to 6.75 seconds. Luigi can have two Team Jumps, and the landing range after performing one can be increased to 9m. There is also an upgrade that grants Luigi an additional Dash after performing a Team Jump. Princess Peach can glide for up to 6.75 seconds, and she can grant 1 charge of Team Barrier to the ally that helps her with her Team Jump. Edge can increase her glide time to 5.75 seconds. Rabbid Rosalina can increase her glide time to 5.75 seconds. Bowser can increase his glide time to 5.75 seconds, and has the "Damage Landing" (also known as "Team Jump Thump"[1]), which deals area damage to all nearby enemies. Damage Landing can increase to 200% of its power, and can reach up to 9m. In the Rayman in the Phantom Show DLC, Rayman has an upgrade that increases his glide time to 6.75 seconds. Rabbid Peach's glide time can be increased to 6.75 seconds as well, up from the 5.75 seconds in the main game.

Squashers and Squashettes can jump to further distances, although they do not need any allies to do so.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

  • Team Jump
    • Description: Performs a mighty leap - if assisted by a nearby ally. Can move after landing.
    • Base landing range: 5m
    • Base Glide time: 3.75 seconds
  • Team Jump Thump (Accessible for Bowser only; after unlocking "Damage Landing" skill)
    • Description: Upon landing, generates an area of effect to cause DMG.
    • Base DMG is based on Bowser's current LVL.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チームジャンプ
Chīmu Janpu
Team Jump
Italian Salto Team Team Jump


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