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Vampire MarioRabbids.png

Vamp, shortened from Vampire, is an uncommon status effect in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. When an inflicted character takes damage, the attacker is immediately healed by a percentage of the damage. This effect lasts for one turn or until the inflicted character is defeated. Other attackers can also use the effect to heal themselves even if they don't have the effect available to them.

The status can be inflicted by Rabbid Mario through his Boomshots and Melees and Rabbid Luigi through his Bworbs and Vamp Dash technique. Spooky Peek-a-Boos, Spooky Smashers, Lava Supporters, and the Lava Queen can also inflict it.

Vamp is the only status effect that does not cause movement or deactivate certain commands, as rather than giving disadvantages to the characters who get inflicted, it simply gives an advantage to the enemies of the character who is inflicted.