Lava Queen

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle enemy
Lava Queen
Lava Queen Portrait
Health Points 1200
Area of Movement 6 Cells
Pipe Exit Range 3 Cells
Chase Range None
Ground Pound 6 Cells
Dash None
Primary Weapon Rumblebang
85 DMG
Secondary Weapon
Primary Technique Scaredy Hero
Repels opponents
Secondary Technique
Tertiary Technique
Blows Her Stack!
Lava Queen splash screen from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Splash screen featuring Lava Queen

The Lava Queen is a notable enemy in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. She is fought in the Lava Pit alongside Bwario and Bwaluigi. She appears similar to a Valkyrie Rabbid, but with golden armor, purple hair, a cape with Bowser's emblem, and elaborate horns on her helmet that glow a similar color to her eyes. While most female Rabbids have long hair, the Lava Queen is the first one with distinguishing eyelashes.

The Lava Queen was apparently summoned by the Megabug to stop the heroes's advance, as it is shown dropping a red orb (similar to the ones that summoned Bwario and Bwaluigi) further into the Pits as it flies away with Spawny. She appears in person when Bwario and Bwaluigi appear for a rematch, sneaking up behind Mario and giving him a surprise hug and kiss. After being defeated, she blows Mario a kiss before running off with the other villains.

The Lava Queen behaves much like a Valkyrie in battle, with a similar gatling attack (that can inflict Vamp on its targets) and the ability to create shockwaves if she performs a Team Jump, which can burn anyone caught in the blast. However, instead of protecting her allies with shields, she can scream to force the player characters away from her. In addition to Bwario and Bwaluigi, she is supported by Lava versions of a Ziggy, a Hopper, a Buckler, and a Supporter - all seven enemies must be defeated to claim victory, although during the Lava Pit's secret level Clandestine Cave, only she, Bwario, and Bwaluigi must be defeated (together known as the "Bwaaah Trio").


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Regina Lava
Lava Queen
Russian Королева лавы
Koroleva lavy
Lava Queens

Spanish (NOE) Reina de Lava
Lava Queen