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Image for Sweetlopek The Lumberjack Memory in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Sweetlopek's Memory image
Species Rabbid
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
Portrayed by Yasuhiro Mamiya (Japanese)
“It doesn't matter who did the deed - we ALL KNOW who masterminded this! Still, if I had it back, I could fix the bridge.”
Sweetlopek, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Sweetlopek is a Rabbid lumberjack who appears in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, located in Palette Prime. He wears a beaver on his head like a hat. Sweetlopek is first seen to be grumpy, but becomes more emotional later on.


Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

Before the heroes arrived, Sweetlopek has had his axe stolen by a Rabbid, who followed the orders of the Dryad. This was because Sweetlopek was cutting down trees constantly, and the Dryad was against this, being a forest spirit. Sweetlopek cannot cut any more wood as a result.

After the heroes clear both Darkmess Tentacles, Woodrow tasks the heroes to find Sweetlopek to fix the Sweetie Pie Honey Snookums Bridge. The heroes can find Sweetlopek at his cabin, trying to cut a log of wood by using a variety of methods. Sweetlopek then has a side quest, named Bury the Hatchet, in which he tasks the heroes to find his stolen axe, along with his apprentice, a Spark known as Vampastra.

The group then goes on a wild goose chase where they interrogate various Rabbid suspects, eventually finding a Rabbid named Hinky, who confesses that he has stolen the axe. The group enters Hinky's house and discover that there is a Darkmess Puddle in his house, with the axe stuck to it. The heroes defeat the Darkmess Puddle in a battle, known as The Stolen Axe, and recover the axe. Hinky then tells the group, including Sweetlopek, that the Dryad has told him to do it, and Sweetlopek sets out to find her. Vampastra then joins the heroes on their adventure.

Sweetlopek then has another side quest named A Dryad's Dream, in which he tasks the heroes to find the Dryad. The heroes find her, along with a Spark known as Zephyrdash, and the Dryad tells Sweetlopek that it takes a lot to grow trees. The Dryad takes the group to her nest, only to discover that a Darkmess Puddle has taken over it. The heroes stop it in a battle, known as Nesting Instinct, and the Dryad discovers that her seeds are missing. The heroes find the seeds, and Sweetlopek feels sorry for his actions, and he and the Dryad make up and fall in love. Sweetlopek then rebuilds the Sweetie Pie Honey Snookums Bridge, and Zephyrdash joins the heroes on their adventure.

He also appears along with Dryad in the game's third DLC, Rayman in the Phantom Show, where the two argue about lost letters. Once the heroes find and return the letters, they apologize and make amends.


Memory bio[edit]


Sweetlopek is a lumberjack who lives near the Spellbound Woods on Palette Prime - a most curious figure, even for this planet. He lives alone, save for a live beaver he wears as if it were a hat.

Being kept from using his beloved axe by mysterious forces working on behalf of Mother Nature has left him frustrated and discontent - but I believe there to be another reason: loneliness.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キコール
Elongation of「きこる」(kikoru, to chop down trees)

French Tom Barouette
From "Brouette" (wheelbarrow) and "Tom", a given name
Italian Flanello
"Flanella" (flannel) in a masculine form
Russian Свитлопек
Transliteration of "Sweetlopek"

Spanish Roblenzo
Portmanteau of "rolbe" (oak) and "Lenzo", a given name