The Tower of Doooom

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope DLC 1 - The Tower of Doooom - Key Art
Key artwork for The Tower of Doooom
“The Fates can be cruel, even to those on whom it bestows the gift of future-sight - perhaps even ESPECIALLY so... ...for how could even I, Madame Bwahstrella Madame Bwahstrella icon from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, forsee that my monument to their eminence, the Tower of Doooom Icon of The Tower of Doooom in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, would become a TOMB! Yet the Fates had not abandoned me entirely, for the Galaxy's mightiest Heroes heard my cry for help! After revealing that the Tower was overrun with Cursa's minions, Beep-0 Beep-0 icon had choice words about doors, locks, security - I did not pay attention... ...for the worst news was still to come. Our dear friend Spawny Spawny icon from The Tower of Doooom DLC in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope was trapped inside the Tower! Once, our Heroes had rescued Spawny from Cursa's Cursa icon forbearer, the Megabug. Yet NOTHING could prepare them for what was to come...”
Madame Bwahstrella, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

The Tower of Doooom (also known as Tower of Doooom! for this mode's file menu) is the first DLC expansion in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. It was released on March 2, 2023, and is the first of the three DLC expansions. In this DLC, the heroes must help out Madame Bwahstrella clear out her multi-dimensional tower of Cursa's minions, and rescue Spawny, who is trapped inside.


An example of the first floor of The Tower of Doooom in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
An example of a floor in The Tower of Doooom.
Gameplay of The Tower of Doooom, boss battle against the Giant Depleter, Premium Mode Level 8
Gameplay of The Tower of Doooom, floor 10 of Premium Mode Level 8, against the Giant Depleter

This mode plays similar to a roguelike game. The heroes must clear all ten floors of the Tower to win. Each playthrough is different, having different heroes and Sparks to start off with.

On each floor, one to three portals will activate behind Madame Bwahstrella, having procedurally generated battles with various objectives, such as "Reach Area", "Defeat All", "Defeat (#) Enemies", "Defeat (enemies)", "Survive", and "Destroy Darkmess Eyes". There are rewards for clearing the battles, such as Star Bits, Star Potions, Coins, Skill Prisms, Gold Skill Prisms, heroes, Sparks, items, and team healing. Only one battle can be done a floor. These battles are known as "Bad Moon", "Unlucky Star", and "Evil Eye".

After a battle is won, the heroes have 30 seconds to run around the battlefield freely to collect as many coins as possible. During this bonus round, a remix of the bonus theme from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle plays.

Floor 5 always has the Giant Wildclaw, along with various enemies, and the objective is to always survive for 5 turns. Floor 10 always has a giant enemy, along with various enemies, and the objective is to defeat the Giant enemy. The Giant enemy can be the Giant Goomba, the Giant Squashette, the Giant Depleter, the Giant Magikoopa, or the Giant Magnafowl. After floor 10 is cleared, the expedition will be complete.

SALESBOT 9.99+TX is in this mode between rounds, and he looks more fancy. The heroes cannot pay coins to do Team Heals. There are three unique items exclusive to The Tower of Doooom, being cards. They are The Strongman, The Healer, and The Weakling. They provide a random effect to the user and heroes close by, increasing their attack, healing, and reducing the damage taken respectively.

There are two modes in The Tower of Doooom, being "Classic Mode" and "Premium Mode". Before attempting The Tower of Doooom, a message appears, telling the player that it is recommended to play through the main game first.

The battles take place across all five planets, excluding Cursa's stronghold. Floors 5 and 10 always take place in an area reminiscient of Madame Bwahstrella's carnival within the Spooky Trails from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Classic Mode[edit]

“Fear not, Spawny Spawny icon from The Tower of Doooom DLC in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope ! We'll have you free from this accursed - not to mention VERY unsafe - tower of Bwahstella's Madame Bwahstrella icon from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope in no time! Er... "No time", is of course, a turn of phrase, NOT to be taken literally. Nonetheless! Hang on, Spawny - we're coming!”
Beep-0, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Spawny trapped in The Tower of Doooom in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Spawny trapped inside The Tower of Doooom
Spawny rescued from The Tower of Doooom in ’'Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Spawny after he is rescued by the heroes

In Classic Mode, the player can choose the level of difficulty, and can change it at any time, except during battles. On the 10th floor, Spawny can be seen on a small floating platform, looking uneasy. After the Giant enemy is defeated, Spawny is rescued, and he decides to travel the galaxy in search of himself, no longer timid, and has put the events of the Megabug behind him. He also knows that his friends will help him if he is in danger. Madame Bwahstrella also realizes that the Fates were sought to punish the heroes, rather than Madame Bwahstrella, thus she encourages the heroes to return to the Tower to push the limits of their strength, courage and hope. After Classic Mode is completed for the first time, the "Sassy Dual Slinger" Weapon Skin for Mario and Premium Mode are unlocked.

Premium Mode[edit]

After Classic Mode is complete, Premium Mode is unlocked. There are eight levels of Premium Mode, each level unlocked after clearing the previous level. Each level adds in new difficulty modifiers that make them tougher than the previous, such as making the enemies stronger, reducing the amount of heroes and Sparks available at the start, making the battles tougher, lowering the starting coins, and reducing the rewards. The difficulty cannot be changed once a Premium Mode level begins. There are eight weapon skins that are unlocked after clearing a level, in the following order:

  • Premium Mode level 1 - Sassy Bowzooka for Bowser
  • Premium Mode level 2 - Sassy Boom-brella for Princess Peach
  • Premium Mode level 3 - Sassy Blade for Edge
  • Premium Mode level 4 - Sassy Discruptor for Rabbid Luigi
  • Premium Mode level 5 - The Sassy Dukes for Rabbid Mario
  • Premium Mode level 6 - Sassy Kaboomer for Rabbid Rosalina
  • Premium Mode level 7 - Sassy Sharpshooter for Luigi
  • Premium Mode level 8 - Sassy Triple-Troll for Rabbid Peach

After Level 8 is completed, Madame Bwahstrella congratulates the heroes for completing the toughest challenge, and tells them that it cannot get any harder.

In order to 100% The Tower of Doooom, there are four requirements to be met:

  • Obtain all 30 Sparks
  • Obtain all 9 heroes
  • Encounter all 25 enemies
  • Obtain all 9 Weapon Skins


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリーム オア ドゥーム!
Dorīmu oa Dūmu!
Dream or Doom!
Chinese (Simplified) 不祥之塔
Bùxiáng Zhī Tǎ
Tower of Ominous
Chinese (Traditional) 毀滅滅之塔
Huǐmiè Miè Zhī Tǎ
Tower of Destruction
Italian La Torre della Cooondanna The Tower of Cooondemnation/Dooooom
Spanish Torre de los condenadooooos Tower of dooooomed