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A Teleport Flag in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
A Teleport Flag in Pristine Peaks

Teleport Flags are objects in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope that allow users to teleport to certain locations on their current planet. They are similar in design to Checkpoint Flags, in that they are a medium sized flagpole with a large, circular base and a spherical tip. They also function similarly to Checkpoint Flags in Super Mario Odyssey, where the player can warp to them at any moment using their map that can be accessed with Minus Button.

The pattern on the flag itself changes depending on the location of the flag, and the post is multi-colored. Before Teleport Flags are activated, their posts and tips are not fully lit up, and the flag does not wave. Upon unlocking a Teleport Flag, players will be rewarded with Star Bits and Starburst will fly out of the flag briefly before going back inside it.

There are Teleport Flags on all planets, excluding Cursa's stronghold, and players cannot teleport between planets using Teleport Flags.

List of Teleport Flags and locations[edit]

Beacon Beach[edit]

  • Beacon Town Flag
    • Temple Entrance Flag (inside the Sunrise Temple)
    • Throne Room Flag (inside the Sunrise Temple)

Pristine Peaks[edit]

  • Lookout Point Flag
  • Winter Palace Front Flag

Palette Prime[edit]

Terra Flora[edit]

  • Terra Flora Meadows Flag
  • Terra Flora Central Station Flag
  • Mt. Spout Station Flag
    • Everbloom Tree Entrance Flag (inside of the Everbloom Tree)
    • Everbloom Tree Flag (inside of the Everbloom Tree)
    • Mt. Spout Entrance Flag (inside of Mt. Spout)
    • Depths of Mt. Spout Flag (inside of Mt. Spout)

Barrendale Mesa[edit]

  • Barrendale Meteorite Flag
    • Industrial Area Flag (inside the Windmill Area)
    • Barrendale Pipes Area Flag (inside the Wimdmill Area)
    • Barrendale Windmill Flag (inside the Windmill Area)

Melodic Gardens[edit]

Space Opera Network[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレポフラッグ
Terepo Furaggu
Telepo Flag

Italian Bandiera teletrasporto Teleport Flag