Rabbid Kong

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Enemy
Rabbid Kong
MRKB Rabbid Kong Portrait.png
Health Points 120
Area of Movement None
Pipe Exit Range None
Chase Range None
Team Jump None
Dash None
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Primary Technique Make Waves
10 DMG
Secondary Technique Thong of Kong
50 DMG
Tertiary Technique
Goes 'Bananas'!
“We would like to introduce a new friend of ours. He's the 'top banana' around here.”
Bowser Jr., Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Splash screen featuring Rabbid Kong
“Goes 'Bananas'!”
Introductory Tagline

Rabbid Kong is a massive, ape-like Rabbid that appears as the end boss of Ancient Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. As his name implies, he is heavily based on Donkey Kong, right down to wearing his signature necktie. He is created by Spawny after Bowser Jr. convinces him to join him, and is subsequently fought by Mario and his friends.

Rabbid Kong's only damaging move is creating a shock wave on the battlefield that deducts 10 HP from each heroic character, and the move also knocks them back unless they have full cover. To damage him, one of the characters must approach him, which will cause the pressure plate in front of him to drop his banana hoard and go ballistic as a result, making him an easier target - however, he will also hit the nearest character with a much stronger attack. To avoid this, Luigi or Rabbid Peach can alternatively deploy a Sentry towards the pressure plate, allowing all three heroes to attack Rabbid Kong while simultaneously protecting them from his stronger attack. When his HP is depleted, Rabbid Kong will move to another portion of the battlefield and replenish himself with a fresh banana hoard, repeating the process. He is defeated after the third phase.

When defeated, Rabbid Kong attempts to make his last stand by standing atop a wobbly block tower; however, Rabbid Peach humorously knocks it over (after Mario tells her not to touch it), causing Rabbid Kong to plummet down to his defeat, after being in a selfie with Rabbid Peach.

Rabbid Kong returns in the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC pack as the main antagonist. There, he gets revenge on Rabbid Peach by trampling her into the ground, but with that, he sets Donkey Kong and Rabbid Cranky against himself. He eventually is corrupted into his large alter ego thanks to the Bad Bananas, but reverts to normal once the Bad Bananas are turned back into regular Bananas, and makes amends with the group.


  • Rabbid Kong's battle theme is a remix of Jungle Japes's music from Donkey Kong 64.
  • In early prototypes of the game, Rabbid Kong was supposed to perform a dab upon successfully landing a move, but this was removed by the final version of the game, and was instead given to Luigi.[1]



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