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King Kong
King Kong in the NES release of Mario is Missing!
King Kong in the SNES release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

King Kong is a fictional giant ape and the antagonist of the film of the same name. In 1982, King Kong was the subject of a lawsuit against Nintendo by Universal Studios, who claimed that the character and scenario of the game Donkey Kong infringed on Universal's rights to the King Kong character.


Mario is Missing![edit]

King Kong appears in Mario is Missing!, where he is an artifact stolen from the Empire State Building by Koopas as they invade New York City. Luigi can recover King Kong by defeating a Koopa found in the city. Afterwards, Luigi can ask passersby for information about King Kong. Luigi is awarded $1960 for returning King Kong to the Empire State Building.


  • Boy: "Monkey business! That's from the skyscraper he climbed in his movie."
  • Tourist: "Maybe that big ape could give me a hand up to check out the 102nd floor."
  • Business Woman: "Mr. Kong can pick the Empire State Building out of this jungle of skyscrapers."
  • Scientist: "Although the World Trade Center is taller, that ape's home is more famous."
  • Police Officer: "King Kong plays ping-pong on the Empire State Building."

Donkey Kong Country television series[edit]

King Kong is mentioned in the first song of the Donkey Kong Country television series episode "Legend of the Crystal Coconut", in which Donkey Kong mentions that he owns an autographed picture of his idol King Kong.

Mario Quiz Cards[edit]

A card from Mario Quiz Cards featuring King Kong

King Kong is the main subject of a 1997 Arts, Sports & Leisure card from Mario Quiz Cards. The card's artwork depicts Caped Mario while he scolds King Kong, who is climbing a building.