Striped prison shirt

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Striped prison shirt
The Striped Prison Shirt in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The striped prison shirt is an item in the DOS and Deluxe versions of Mario is Missing!. It is a piece of the uniform that prisoners supposedly wore in Alcatraz (despite Alcatraz prisoners never actually wearing such an outfit[1][2]). It is stolen by a group of Koopa Troopas that invade San Francisco, causing the entire island to close down. Luigi gets back the shirt from a wandering Koopa Troopa, then brings it to various citizens also wandering throughout the city in the hopes that one of them knows where it belongs. All of them recognize it as being specifically from Alcatraz, and Luigi promptly returns it to its information booth. He receives $1440 as a reward.


  • Boy: "Long live jailhouse rock! That belonged to an Alcatraz jailbird and matches the pants."
  • Tourist: "Maybe that striped shirt once belonged to the Birdman of Alcatraz?"
  • Reporter: "I hope you don't plan on swimming to Alcatraz Island to return that shirt."
  • Scientist: "Alcatraz had been a prison from 1861 until 1963. The inmates really did wear that."
  • Policewoman: "That shirt from Alcatraz sure would look good on Bowser. If you catch him, why not bring him down and lock him up!"


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