Gaucho Museum

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Luigi's photograph of a gaucho in the Gaucho Museum
Luigi's photograph of a gaucho in the Gaucho Museum
“Gauchos are Argentina's version of cowboys. Boleadoras, a Y-shaped lasso with leather-covered stone balls at one end, was the gaucho's most efficient herding tool. In the 1700s, the gaucho lived in the fields with his herds. He mostly traveled the Pampa (plains) while riding extremely fast horses, imported from the Spaniards. The gaucho used the boleadoras to trip the bulls and cows in his herd, causing them to fall. Once on the ground, he could brand or butcher the cattle without help.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Gaucho Museum (in Spanish: Museo del Gaucho) is a museum in Buenos Aires displaying gaucho artifacts. Gauchos are, roughly speaking, Argentina's equivalent of American cowboys. In all versions of Mario is Missing!, Koopa Troopas steal a boleadora, a type of lasso commonly used by gauchos, from the museum, forcing it to close to the public until Luigi tracks it down and returns it. Before he can claim the $2,090 reward, however, he must first prove the boleadora is real by answering two of the following questions:

  • What is a boleadoras?
    • Gaucho nachos
    • Gaucho tool
    • Game of knocking down pins with a ball
  • What is the American version of a gaucho?
    • Cowhand
    • Dairy cow
    • Pampa