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SNES Paradise.
Bowser makes his escape to Paradise.

Paradise is an area seen in the game Mario's Time Machine.

Bowser being stomped by the Tyrannosaurus rex in the Cretaceous era.

Paradise only appears if the player fails to return the artifacts quickly enough. When Mario returns all the artifacts and makes his way out of the museum, Bowser quickly snatches the Timulator, sets the destination to "Paradise," and escapes to the island. If the player places the artifacts back in time, albeit with placing at least one artifact in the wrong era, Bowser will end up going back to the Cretaceous era due to the Timulator overloading and look around in confusion as the ending narration informs the player they made a mistake. If the player successfully meets the two conditions, like in the mistake ending, the Timulator will instead set itself to "Overload," self-destruct, and dump Bowser in the Cretaceous era, where he will be quickly stomped on by a Tyrannosaurus rex (and in the case of the DOS version, having his squished remains thrown like a Frisbee into the distance by a raptor).