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Almanac in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)

Poor Richard's Almanack (referred to in-game as Poor Richard’s Almanac and more commonly Almanac) is an item in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine. It is a pamphlet written by Benjamin Franklin (using the pseudonym "Poor Richard"), containing many of his aphorisms and proverbs, and was published from 1732 to 1758. Mario receives a copy of it from a librarian in Philadelphia after traveling back in time to 1752. While the two of them are talking, Mario asks the librarian if he has any books by Benjamin Franklin, and the librarian in turn gives him an extra copy of the Almanac. He also offers to put Mario on a mailing list for the next installment of the Almanac if he gives him a Stamp. Meanwhile, a constable tells Mario that he refuses to buy a copy of the Almanac because he disagrees with Franklin's politics. Mario then gives the Almanac to him, and he does not mind receiving it for free. He then talks to Mario about why he dislikes his view on politics.