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This article is about the item in Mario's Time Machine. For merchandise toys based on the Super Mario franchise, see Gallery:Toys.
Toy in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)

The Toy is an item in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine. It is a toy soldier that belongs to the son of Constanze and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Karl Thomas Mozart (written in-game as Carl). At some point, the Toy was accidentally left with the Mozart's friend, Joseph Haydn. Later, while Mario (having traveled back in time to Vienna circa 1791) is talking to Haydn, Mario asks if the Mozarts have any children, leading Haydn to remember about the Toy. He then gives it to Mario and asks him to return it to Constanze. Constanze also mentions to Mario that she is looking for "Carl's favorite toy". After Mario gives it to Constanze, she realizes that Mario must have met with Haydn, remembering that Haydn babysat Carl for a day, and thanks Mario.