Kitty Hawk

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Kitty Hawk
Kitty Hawk MTMNES.png
Kitty Hawk in the NES release of Mario's Time Machine
Greater location North Carolina, United States of America
Inhabitants Humans
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)

Kitty Hawk is a town in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, United States of America. It is best known for being the purported location of the Wright brothers' historic flight in 1903 with a controlled, powered airplane, although the actual testing grounds were four miles south of the city in the Kill Devil Hills; as no other town was closer at the time, Kitty Hawk received the credit. Nevertheless, in Mario's Time Machine, Kitty Hawk is fully credited with being the location of their fight. During the events of the game, Bowser travels back in time to 1903 to steal the Propeller of the Flyer, and the town becomes filled with Koopa Troopas, Bodyslam Koopas, and Walking Turnips. Mario later travels back in time to Kitty Hawk to return the Propeller (after taking it back from Bowser's Museum). He then proceeds to fight his way through the enemies until he reaches a plane at the far right of the stage. He mounts the Propeller on the plane and then travels back to his time.