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Luigi in the DOS version

Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Alongside Athens, Marrakech, Mexico City, and Paris, it is one of the five cities in the DOS and Deluxe versions of Mario is Missing! that Luigi has to visit before he can fight Roy Koopa. The city has been attacked by a group of Koopa Troopas, resulting in various landmarks losing notable items: Guernica from the Prado Museum, a Matador's Cape from the Ventas Bullring, and the tail from one of the lion statues in front of the Palacio de las Cortes. A bounty is placed on the items' return, and Luigi sets out to return them. He does just that, fighting off Koopa Troopas and chatting with the locals, and once every item is brought back to its rightful spot, he leaves for Bowser's Castle.


  • Boy:
    • "A little birdie told me between chirps. You're in the second biggest country in western Europe."
    • "You might take a boat, you might take a train. However you go, you'll be in Spain."
  • Tourist:
    • "I heard that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Better get a plain umbrella."
    • "I'll tell you what the tour bus did. It left me here in old Madrid."
  • Business Woman:
    • "You will discover you're in the land that paid for Christopher Columbus to sail to America."
    • "You're on a peninsula, not Siberian, it sounds more like Iberian."
  • Scientist:
    • "The north coast faces the Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay. The Mediterranean Sea is the other way."
    • "Like Barcelona, Madrid is well known. It's the capital city and stands alone."
  • Police Officer:
    • "You've landed in Madrid and just so you'll know. The Spanish dearly love to Flamenco."