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Strong stats Acceleration, Traction
Weak stats Speed, Weight, Handling
Appearances Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Cushion is an unlockable tire that first appears in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It is constructed out of patchwork of several different colors. The tires offer a boost in acceleration and traction, at the cost of speed, weight, and handling. They have identical stats to the Wood and Sponge tires, but unlike those two tires, the Cushion tires are as big as the Monster and Hot Monster tires, requiring all kart bodies (except the Tri-Speeder and Tanooki Kart) to be raised above them.


  • Ground Speed: -0.25
  • Water Speed: -1
  • Air Speed: +0.25
  • Anti-Gravity Speed: -0.25
  • Acceleration: +0.25
  • Weight: -0.25
  • Ground Handling: -0.25
  • Water Handling: -0.5
  • Air Handling: 0
  • Anti-Gravity Handling: -0.25
  • Traction: +0.5
  • Mini-Turbo: +0.25


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッションタイヤ Cushion Tires
Spanish (NOA) Acolchonada Cushioned
Spanish (NOE) Acolchado Padded
French Coussin Cushion
Dutch Poefen Poufs
German Kissen Cussion
Portuguese Almofadado Cushioned


  • The Cushion tires have the word "Lemmy's" sewn into them, indicating that they were manufactured by Lemmy's Tire Service, a fictional company that has other advertisements in Mario Kart 8.