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Mario driving a kart in anti-gravity mode
Bowser, near the new anti-gravity booster (blue, with arrows) at Mario Circuit.
Bowser near an Antigravity Panel in Mario Circuit from Mario Kart 8

Anti-gravity is a mechanic in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. When drivers are in anti-gravity mode, they slightly hover above the ground and can drive on walls and upside-down, and their tires turn sideways and glow blue; certain vehicles have blue glows and lights in other places, including the engine in some cases. Some vehicles will also change shape in anti-gravity mode, such as the Koopa Clown activating a pair of propellers and the Streetle’s wings opening. While in anti-gravity mode, drivers can receive Spin Boosts by bumping into other drivers or Spin Boost Pillars.

Characters and vehicle parts have different top speed and handling stats in anti-gravity mode, which are not shown by the game. When in anti-gravity mode, the anti-gravity stats are used, regardless of whether or not the anti-gravity segment takes place underwater (such as in Twisted Mansion). However, even when anti-gravity is active, the vehicles' top speed and traction are still affected by off-road terrain and slippery surfaces.

Most courses featuring anti-gravity have designated sections in which it is activated that start with Antigravity Panels, though there are some courses set entirely in anti-gravity with all drivers already in anti-gravity mode at the start. Wild Woods uniquely starts in an anti-gravity section with all drivers already in anti-gravity mode but is not entirely set in anti-gravity. The first time a driver enters an anti-gravity section, they will audibly react to this, usually saying something related to the activation of anti-gravity mode.

In the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass, half-pipes take the appearance of Antigravity Panels and cause drivers who jump off of them to be in anti-gravity mode until they land (though they will still remain in anti-gravity mode afterward if they land in an anti-gravity section).

Every new course in the games except Excitebike Arena, Animal Crossing, Super Bell Subway, and Yoshi's Island features anti-gravity, with Mute City, Big Blue, and Sky-High Sundae entirely taking place in anti-gravity. Additionally, 27 classic courses feature anti-gravity (7 from the Mario Kart 8 base game, 5 from its DLC, and 15 from the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass):

Additionally, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the battle courses Battle Stadium and Lunar Colony feature anti-gravity, with the latter being set entirely in anti-gravity.

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a kart is shown having its anti-gravity feature tested before the Kong army travels down Rainbow Road. It is later used when the road splits into extremely sloped paths. It is also shown that it can be manually deactivated using a button on the dashboard, and can be used to hover above water. The karts that the Koopa Troop uses have red glows instead of blue when using anti-gravity.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 反重力
Chinese 反重力
Dutch Antizwaartekracht Antigravity
French Antigravité Antigravity
German Antigravitation Antigravity
Italian Antigravità Antigravity
Korean 반중력
Portuguese Antigravidade Antigravity
Russian Антигравитация
Spanish Antigravedad Antigravity


Larry charging a Super Mini-Turbo on his Standard Bike while in Anti-gravity mode in Mario Kart 8.
Larry charging a Super Mini-Turbo on his Standard Bike while in anti-gravity mode


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