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Mario, Bowser and Luigi spin boosting with each other in Mario Kart 8.
Spin Boost pillars found in Electrodrome.

“Colliding with an opponent in an antigravity zone will cause you to bounce away from each other, giving you both a slight speed boost.”
Mario Kart 8 Digital Manual

A Spin Boost (known as a Spin Turbo in Europe and Oceania) is a driving technique used and introduced in Mario Kart 8. The technique is exclusive in anti-gravity segments in the tracks. When two or more players collide with each other, all players who made contact receive a speed boost, unlike in normal gravity sections where players simply collide from each other. Players can also receive Spin Boosts from driving through Spin Boost pillars in the track such as the Submarines on the Sub Coaster in Water Park or star-shaped formations in Electrodrome.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Choque con Aceléron
French Tournis Turbo
Dutch Botsboost Bumpboost
German Drehturbo
Italian Scontro Turbo
Portuguese Pião Turbo Turbo Top