Singapore Speedway

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Singapore Speedway
The starting line of Singapore Speedway
Appearance(s) Mario Kart Tour (2022)
Tour(s) Singapore Tour
Main themeWith additional synths and percussionAlternate theme (currently unused)
Course map
The map of Singapore Speedway from Mario Kart Tour

Singapore Speedway is a race course in Mario Kart Tour. It is named after and inspired by Singapore, and made its debut as the featured course of the Singapore Tour. It takes the racers around various parts of the city it is inspired of, which involves gliding over a soccer field and going through a swimming pool with Goombas on floaties.

The course also appears as Singapore Speedway R (reverse), Singapore Speedway T (with ramps), and Singapore Speedway R/T (reverse and with ramps). This course is a favorite of Daisy (Holiday Cheer), Pauline (Party Time), Luigi (Painter), Luigi (Vacation), and Lakitu (Party Time).

The R/T version of Singapore Speedway is one of four courses in Mario Kart Tour that does not start in the same place as the original, the others being 3DS Rainbow Road T and R/T, and 3DS Rock Rock Mountain T. In this case, the starting line is in the swimming pool at Marina Bay Sands.

Course layout[edit]

In the standard layout, the course begins with a slight downhill slope leading to the Central Area. It takes a slight right on a divided road, then takes two sharp lefts to a Dash Panel and a circus cannon leading to the top of Marina Bay Sands. The entrance to Chinatown can be seen in the area. After that, the course features a shallow underwater infinity pool with Goombas on floaties. On the side of the pool, there are several Dash Panels. Next, there is a Glide Ramp with two following Boost Rings that take the player across the grandstand of The Float @ Marina Bay with the Esplanade Theaters in the background. The player then goes underneath the floating platform, and then makes a sharp left afterwards to the finish line. In the course, a blimp with the Mario Kart Tour logo can be found in the background, though in the R and R/T variants, it is featured as a course element.


Singapore Tour[edit]

In the Singapore Tour, Singapore Speedway served as the tour's signature course. It appeared as the first course in the Kamek Cup, the third course in the Pink Gold Peach Cup, the location of the bonus challenge in the Hammer Bro Cup, and the location of the tour's Coin Rush. Its T variant appeared as the first course in the Luigi Cup, the second course in the Baby Luigi Cup, and the location of the bonus challenge in the Funky Kong Cup, its R variant appeared as the third course in the Luigi Cup and the second course in the Lemmy Cup, and its R/T variant appeared as the third course in the Kamek Cup.


Course icons[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シンガポール スプラッシュ
Shingapōru Supurasshu
Singapore Splash
Chinese (Simplified) 新加坡竞速赛道
Xīnjiāpō Jìngsù Sàidào
Singapore Speedway
Chinese (Traditional) 新加坡競速賽道
Xīnjiāpō Jìngsù Sàidào
Singapore Speedway
French Poursuite à Singapour Pursuit in Singapore
German Überholspur Singapur Singapore Fast Lane
Italian Singapore a tutto gas Flat Out Singapore
Portuguese Singapura Sublime Sublime Singapore
Spanish Acelerón en Singapur Acceleration in Singapore