Boo Pipes

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Boo Pipes
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Kart Driver King Boo
The Boo Pipes in action

The Boo Pipes is King Boo's unlockable kart in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is a gray version of Petey Piranha's Piranha Pipes, and can be unlocked by completing the Special Cup in Mirror Mode.

Unlike most heavyweight karts, the Boo Pipes is unique for having traits similar to that of a lightweight kart; low top speed and high acceleration. But unlike the lightweight karts, this kart is heavy enough to rival the weight of the Koopa King and Piranha Pipes. The Boo Pipes, Piranha Pipes, Heart Coach, and Bloom Coach share the same engine sound.

The Boo Pipes has one of the best acceleration stats in the game, being tied alongside the Rattle Buggy and Koopa Dasher; it's also tied with those two karts in terms of top speed. Lastly, when compared to all the other heavyweight karts, the Boo Pipes loses the least amount of speed whenever it goes off-road.

It is one of the four "out of the ordinary" karts for its weight class, with the others being the Green Fire, the Turbo Birdo, and the Barrel Train.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴーストドッカン
Gōsuto dokkan
Ghost "Paboom"; see Piranha Pipes.
French Tuyaux Boo Boo Pipes
Italian Tubo Boo Boo Pipe


  • In terms of stats, the Boo Pipes may have been designed to be a heavier version of the Heart Coach, a medium kart with near-identical stats (other than weight) and even the same engine sound.
  • The Boo Pipes' horn sound is highly similar to the Piranha Pipes' horn sound, except for that it's lower-pitched.