Gold Swooper

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Gold Swooper
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Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Gold Swooper is an unlockable glider in Mario Kart Tour, classified as a tour-exclusive High-End glider. It is a variation of the Swooper with a golden color scheme. Using Coins grants more points when using this glider.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

MKT Icon Coin.png Coin Plus
Favored Courses
Three Star Shy Guy Bazaar R/TDK Pass R/TVanilla Lake 1RRock Rock Mountain RMKT Icon KalimariDesertN64 DryBones.pngGhost Valley 1R/TRainbow RoadMKT Icon ShyGuyBazaar3DS.pngDonut Plains 1Donut Plains 1T
Two Star Cheep Cheep LagoonMKT Icon RockRockMountain3DS WarioHiker.pngRock Rock Mountain TKalimari Desert RMKT Icon NeoBowserCity3DS BowserJr.pngNeo Bowser City RRainbow Road R/TRainbow Road RShy Guy Bazaar TLondon Loop 2RBowser's Castle 2
  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "Glisten while you're gliding with the Gold Swooper! Subscribers to the #MarioKartTour Gold Pass can earn this glider by collecting Grand Stars during the Ice Tour."[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールドバサバサ
Gōrudo Basabasa
Gold Swoop
Spanish (NOA) Vampílago dorado Golden Swooper
Spanish (NOE) Swooper dorado Golden Swooper
French Aile Swooper d'or Golden Swooper Wing
German Gold-Flappflapp Gold Swooper
Italian Swooper dorato Golden Swooper
Portuguese (NOA) Súbito dourado Golden Swooper