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The following are the statistics used in the 2020 Halloween Tour of Mario Kart Tour.

Statistics in in-game format[edit]

The only statistics whose level has been found set in the game code so far are Accel and Weight. The assignment of the level is based on the size class of the driver.[1]

Statistic Value
cParamLevel_Weight_DriverScale_Small 6
cParamLevel_Weight_DriverScale_Medium 10
cParamLevel_Weight_DriverScale_Large 14
cParamLevel_Accel_DriverScale_Small 17
cParamLevel_Accel_DriverScale_Medium 10
cParamLevel_Accel_DriverScale_Large 3

Statistics Translation Tables[edit]

The following tables are used by the game to convert the Level into the actual statistics. [2] Unlike in the other games based on Mario Kart 7, only the values for the maximum and minimum Level are coded.

Since many statistics are nonetheless borrowed from that game, the headers for the individual statistics found in Mario Kart 7 will be used here as well, denoted in italics.

Acceleration (mParamAccel)[edit]

Acceleration is still determined by two factors, named Drive_AccLmtFwd and Drive_SpdKfFwd in Mario Kart 7. Drive_AccLmtFwd determines the maximum speed increase per time unit, whereas Drive_SpdKfFwd determines the overall strength of the acceleration, when not limited by Drive_AccLmtFwd.

Level Drive_AccLmtFwd Drive_SpdKfFwd
Minimum level 0.0055 0.0035
Maximum level 0.016 0.013

Handling (mParamHandling)[edit]

Handling is determined by four factors, since drifting and autodrifting-related parameters are set separately, these statistics are presumably the ones known as Drive_DirRotH, Float_Drive_DirRotH, Wing_StickLR_Roll and Wing_StickLR_Move in Mario Kart 7. The first two affect how fast the kart turns while steering on land and in water, while the last two determine how much the kart rolls and actually changes direction when trying to steer during a glide.

Level Drive_DirRotH Float_Drive_DirRotH Wing_StickLR_Roll Wing_StickLR_Move
Minimum level 0.8 0.8 0.15 0.7
Maximum level 1.2 1.2 0.25 1.5

Weight (mParamWeight)[edit]

Weight is again determined by three parameters known as KartBound_MassL, KartBound_MassH and KartBound_MassD in Mario Kart 7. The first two represent the minimum and maximum weight value of the kart to be used in various collisions with objects and karts, while the purpose of the third parameter is unknown.

Level KartBound_MassL KartBound_MassH KartBound_MassD
Minimum level 5 5 20
Maximum level 50 100 100

Mini-Turbo (mParamMiniTurbo)[edit]

These parameters are borrowed from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with the parameters for the Ultra Mini-Turbo now being fully specified. The parameters for the jump boosts are apparently specified as well, even though the actual values used in the game are then set separately. In each Mini-Turbo stage, the first parameter determines how much the boost lasts in seconds, the second parameter determines the boost strength, i.e. the max speed while boosting speed relative to max speed while going straight on a standard road, the third parameter has an unknown purpose. The thresholds are the units of the boost counter needed to charge the respective Mini-Turbo stage.

Level Mini-Turbo Super Mini-Turbo Ultra Mini-Turbo Jump boost Thresholds
Duration Strength Unknown Duration Strength Unknown Duration Strength Unknown Duration Strength Unknown Mini-Turbo Super Mini-Turbo Ultra Mini-Turbo
Minimum level 0.333 1.05 0.014 1.166 1.05 0.013 2 1.05 0.013 0.233 1.3 0.02 200 500 700
Maximum level 0.666 1.15 0.013 1.833 1.15 0.012 3 1.15 0.012 0.566 1.4 0.022 120 300 500

Off-Road (mParamOffroadSand and mParamOffroadIce)[edit]

Only two offroad parameters are defined, presumably the ones known as SlipRt_SAND and SlipRt_ICE in Mario Kart 7. They affect the slipperiness of the offroad sections.

Level SlipRt_SAND SlipRt_ICE
Minimum level 0.5 1
Maximum level 0.05 0.1

State ability (mParamStateAbility)[edit]

The purpose of these parameters is currently unknown.

Level Unknown Unknown
Minimum level -0.1 -0.1
Maximum level 0.1 0.1

Preset parameters[edit]

These parameters are preset, some of them are possibly altered by the choice of the kart.

Parameters related to the kart (KartParamVehicle)[edit]

These parameters are miscellaneous parameters related to the kart, including parameters related to slipstreaming.[3]

Parameter Value
cPressCountByKart 3
cFrozenSlipCount 3
cSlipStreamAsHitCount 0.25
cSlipStreamChargeCount 1.5

Parameters related to moving forward (KartParamVehicleMove)[edit]

Besides defining the Level of two statistics that were shown above, these parameters set various statistics related to moving forward and colliding with other karts.[1]

Parameter Value
cSpeedRatio_Star 1.1
cSpeedRatio_Fever 1
cSpeedRatio_Giant 1.1
cSidePowerRatioMin 0.9
cWeightPowerMax 0.6
cLowFpsPenalty 1

Parameters related to boosts (KartParamVehicleDash)[edit]

These parameters define the duration in seconds (Counter) and the maximum speed relative to normal maximum speed while going straight on a standard road (Speed) of various boosts.[4] HalfPipe1 is the action referred to as Half-pipe, HalfPipe2 is the action referred to as Special trick, HalfPipeLongDash is the action referred to as Super half-pipe.

Parameter Value
cDashCounterCoin 0.1666667
cDashCounterJumpAction 0.4
cDashCounterKinoko 2
cDashCounterKinokoShare 0.75
cDashCounterPanel 1
cDashCounterStarRing 1
cDashCounterSlipStream 2.25
cDashCounterJugem 0.5
cDashCounterMiniTurboLv1Fever 1
cDashCounterMiniTurboLv2Fever 1
cDashCounterMiniTurboLv3Fever 1
cDashCounterHalfPipe1 1.75
cDashCounterHalfPipe2 2.75
cDashCounterHalfPipeLongDash 2.8
cDashCounterHalfPipeWithJumpAction 1.5
cDashSpeedCoin 1.06
cDashSpeedNormal 1.1
cDashSpeedJumpAction 1.3
cDashSpeedJumpAction_FeverTouch 1.06
cDashSpeedKinoko 1.2
cDashSpeedSlipStream 1.2
cDashSpeedPanel 1.3
cDashSpeedHalfPipe 1.3

Parameters related to drifting (KartParamVehicleDrift)[edit]

These parameters are related to drifting, and include paramters related to autodrifting.[5] Drifting parameters of a currently unused CoinBattle are included as well.

Paramter Value
cDriftSteerInRatio 0.55
cDriftSteerInRatio_200CC 0.7
cDriftSteerInRatio_CoinBattle 0.7
cDriftSteerOutRatio 0.4
cDriftSteerOutRatio_200CC 0.6
cDriftSteerOutRatio_CoinBattle 0.6
cAutoDriftCharge_AutoDriftStart 20
cCurveAngle_AutoDriftAutoStart 20
cCurveAngle_AutoDriftStart 10
cAutoChargeMax 40

Maximum speed in the various engine classes (KartStaticParam)[edit]

The maximum speed of several engine classes is coded in these parameters.[6] The maximum speed of a currently unfeatured 300cc class is also coded.

Paramter Value
cSpeedMin 0.5
cSpeed150CC 0.66
cSpeed200CC 0.89
cSpeed300CC 1.05
cSpeedMin_Battle 0.4
cVelCCMin 0.5
cVelCCMax 2