Barrel Hanafuda

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Barrel Hanafuda
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Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Barrel Hanafuda is a glider that appears in Mario Kart Tour. It is a variant of the Full Flight with a hanafuda-style drawing of a Blast Barrel surrounded by vines, and is classified as a tour-exclusive High-End glider. The glider was part of a Tour Gift for Gold Pass members during the Trick Tour. Unlike the Full Flight, the Barrel Hanafuda increases the chances of obtaining Bullet Bills from Item Boxes and grants bonus points for hitting other drivers while in Bullet Bill form. It is the second character, kart, or glider to not have any secondary favored courses upon its addition to the game, after the Wicked Wings. Like the Baby Mario Hanafuda, the Yoshi's Egg Hanafuda, and the Peach Hanafuda, the artwork on the glider is taken from Mario Hanafuda, and the glider itself was added in the month it was used for in the set, April.


Special skill MKT Icon Bullet Bill.png Bullet Bill Plus
Favored courses Combo bonus ×3 and big combo-time boost
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 1RT.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 1R/T
MKT Icon Kalimari Desert RT.png
N64 Kalimari Desert R/T
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle RT.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle R/T
MKT Icon Daisy Hills RT.png
3DS Daisy Hills R/T
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 1.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 1
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 1T.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 1T
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 1R.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 1R
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 2.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 2
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 2R.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 2R
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 2T.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 2T
Combo bonus ×2 and combo-time boost
MKT Icon Shy Guy Bazaar.png
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
MKT Icon Shy Guy Bazaar T.png
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar T
MKT Icon Shy Guy Bazaar R.png
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar R
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion.png
DS Luigi's Mansion
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion R.png
DS Luigi's Mansion R
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion T.png
DS Luigi's Mansion T


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フジニタルはなふだ
Fuji ni Taru Hanafuda
Wisteria and Barrel Hanafuda
German Fass-Drachen Barrel Kite
Italian Hanafuda barile Barrel Hanafuda
Portuguese Hanafuda Barril Barrel Hanafuda