White Waves Origami Glider

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White Waves Origami Glider
The White Waves Origami Glider from Mario Kart Tour
The White Waves Origami Glider in Mario Kart Tour
Appears in Mario Kart Tour

The White Waves Origami Glider is a High-End glider in Mario Kart Tour. It was introduced in the Anniversary Tour and is the signature glider of Mario (Hakama). As the glider's name indicates, it is a white variant of the Origami Glider decorated with ocean waves and slightly based on ukiyo-e art. Unlike the Origami Glider, hitting racers while under the effect of a Mega Mushroom awards more points when using this glider.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しらなみかぶと
Shiranami Kabuto
Chinese (Simplified) 白浪折纸武士头盔
Báilàng Zhézhǐ wǔshì tóukuī
Chinese (Traditional) 白浪摺紙武士頭盔
Báilàng Zhézhǐ wǔshì tóukuī
French Origami kabuto vagues Waves Origami Glider
German Weiß-Origamihut-Gleiter White Origami Glider
Italian Elmorigami onde bianche White waves Origami Glider
Korean 파도 투구
Pado Tugu
Portuguese Samurasa Ondas branco White waves Origami Glider
Spanish (NOA) Cascorigami Olas Waves Origami Glider
Spanish (NOE) Ala Origami Olas blancas White waves Origami Glider