Nabbit Oilpaper Umbrella

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Nabbit Oilpaper Umbrella
MKT Icon NabbitOilpaperUmbrella.png
Strong stats
Weak stats
Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Nabbit Oilpaper Umbrella is a High-End glider in Mario Kart Tour. It first appeared in the Wild West Tour and is the signature glider of Nabbit. It is a black and gold variant of the Oilpaper Umbrella which, as the name indicates, has a picture of Nabbit on top. Unlike the Oilpaper Umbrella, hitting racers with a Blooper awards more points than normal when using this glider.


Special skill MKT Icon Blooper.png Blooper Plus
Favorite courses
(Combo bonus ×3 and big combo-time boost)
MKT Icon Donut Plains 1R.png
SNES Donut Plains 1R
MKT Icon Choco Mountain.png
N64 Choco Mountain
MKT Icon Choco Mountain T.png
N64 Choco Mountain T
MKT Icon Choco Mountain R.png
N64 Choco Mountain R
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 1.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 1
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 1T.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 1T
MKT Icon Neo Bowser City R.png
3DS Neo Bowser City R
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion RT.png
DS Luigi's Mansion R/T
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur T.png
Tokyo Blur T
MKT Icon Choco Island 2.png
SNES Choco Island 2
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 3T.png
Tokyo Blur 3T
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 3R.png
Tokyo Blur 3R
MKT Icon Shy Guy Bazaar.png
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
MKT Icon Vanilla Lake 1RT.png
SNES Vanilla Lake 1R/T
MKT Icon RMX Choco Island 2T.png
RMX Choco Island 2T
MKT Icon DK Summit T.png
Wii DK Summit T
Favored courses
(Combo bonus ×2 and combo-time boost)
MKT Icon Kalimari Desert 2.png
N64 Kalimari Desert 2**
MKT Icon Kalimari Desert 2R.png
N64 Kalimari Desert 2R
MKT Icon Kalimari Desert 2T.png
N64 Kalimari Desert 2T
MKT Icon Neo Bowser City T.png
3DS Neo Bowser City T*
MKT Icon Airship Fortress T.png
DS Airship Fortress T**
MKT Icon Airship Fortress R.png
DS Airship Fortress R
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur.png
Tokyo Blur
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur R.png
Tokyo Blur R
MKT Icon Choco Island 2R.png
SNES Choco Island 2R
MKT Icon Choco Island 2T.png
SNES Choco Island 2T
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 3.png
Tokyo Blur 3
MKT Icon Mario Circuit 1.png
SNES Mario Circuit 1
MKT Icon Mario Circuit 1T.png
SNES Mario Circuit 1T*
MKT Icon Shy Guy Bazaar R.png
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar R
MKT Icon Donut Plains 2T.png
SNES Donut Plains 2T
MKT Icon Donut Plains 2R.png
SNES Donut Plains 2R
MKT Icon RMX Choco Island 2R.png
RMX Choco Island 2R

* indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 3. ** indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 6.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Mopsie-Ölpapierschirm Nabbit Oilpaper Umbrella
Italian Parasole di Ruboniglio Nabbit's Parasol
Portuguese Sombrinha papel Ledrão Nabbit Paper Parasol
Chinese (Traditional) 偷天兔油紙傘
Tōutiān tù yóuzhǐ sǎn
Nabbit Oilpaper Umbrella