Toe-Bean Balloons

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Toe-Bean Balloons
MKT Icon ToeBeanBalloons.png
The Toe-Bean Balloons in Mario Kart Tour
Strong stats
Weak stats
Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Toe-Bean Balloons are a High-End glider in Mario Kart Tour. They were added in the Cat Tour and are the signature glider of Cat Peach. In a similar vein to the Cloud Glider and its variants, this glider consists of a pair of pink balloons in the shape of cat paws. The Toe-Bean Balloons increase the chances of getting Mega Mushrooms from Item Boxes and the amount of points earned for crashing other drivers while under the effects of one.


The Toe-Bean Balloons have only appeared in certain pipes. The following table shows the glider's availability by tour.

Tour Availability
Cat Tour Cat Pipe 1
Cat Pipe 2


Special skill MKT Icon Mega Mushroom.png Mega Mushroom Plus
Favorite courses
(Combo bonus ×3 and big combo-time boost)
MKT Icon Koopa Troopa Beach RT.png
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach R/T
MKT Icon Donut Plains 2.png
SNES Donut Plains 2
MKT Icon Merry Mountain R.png
Merry Mountain R
MKT Icon Paris Promenade 2.png
Paris Promenade 2
MKT Icon Donut Plains 2R.png
SNES Donut Plains 2R
MKT Icon Daisy Hills.png
3DS Daisy Hills
MKT Icon RMX Choco Island 2R.png
RMX Choco Island 2R
MKT Icon DK Summit.png
Wii DK Summit
MKT Icon DK Summit R.png
Wii DK Summit R
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 4.png
Tokyo Blur 4
MKT Icon Royal Raceway RT.png
N64 Royal Raceway R/T
MKT Icon 3DS Mario Circuit R.png
3DS Mario Circuit R
MKT Icon Toad Circuit RT.png
3DS Toad Circuit R/T
MKT Icon Ninja Hideaway T.png
Ninja Hideaway T
Favored courses
(Combo bonus ×2 and combo-time boost)
MKT Icon Paris Promenade 2R.png
Paris Promenade 2R*
MKT Icon Maple Treeway.png
Wii Maple Treeway*
MKT Icon Maple Treeway R.png
Wii Maple Treeway R
MKT Icon RMX Rainbow Road 1RT.png
RMX Rainbow Road 1R/T**
MKT Icon Donut Plains 2T.png
SNES Donut Plains 2T**
MKT Icon Daisy Hills R.png
3DS Daisy Hills R
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle T.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle T
MKT Icon Kalimari Desert R.png
N64 Kalimari Desert R
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 4R.png
Tokyo Blur 4R
MKT Icon Donut Plains 2RT.png
SNES Donut Plains 2R/T
MKT Icon Ninja Hideaway.png
Ninja Hideaway

* indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 3. ** indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 6.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese にくきゅうバルーン
Niku Kyū Barūn
Paw Balloons
Spanish Zarpas de Gato rosas Pink Cat Paws
French Pattes de chat roses
German Rosa-Pfotenballons Pink Paw Balloons
Italian Zampalloncini From zampa ("paw") and palloncini ("balloons")
Portuguese Patinhas rosa
Korean 발바닥글라이더
Chinese (Simplified) 肉球气球
Chinese (Traditional) 肉球氣球
Ròu qiú qìqiú
Paw Balloon