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This article is about the obstacle from the Mario Kart series. For the block in Wario Land 3 also known as "Snow Blocks", see Snowman Block.
Snow blocks in Mario Kart Tour
Snow blocks in SNES Vanilla Lake 1 in Mario Kart Tour
Luigi racing on SNES Vanilla Lake 2
Luigi in front of some snow blocks in Vanilla Lake 2 in Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Snow blocks are obstacles found in the Vanilla Lake courses in Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and Mario Kart Tour, in Battle Course 3 in Super Mario Kart, and in the R variant of Vancouver Velocity 3 in Mario Kart Tour. If a racer drives into a snow block, it knocks them back and disappears, slowing them down. Snow blocks can also be broken with projectile items. In Mario Kart Tour, bonus points are granted for breaking a snow block.

In Vanilla Lake 1, three groups of snow blocks can be found: two rows with each block spaced apart found approximately halfway through the course, and one scattered group found after the small ice crack. In Vanilla Lake 2, clusters of snow blocks appear near the halfway point, while a scattered group appears before the finish line. In Vancouver Velocity 3R in Mario Kart Tour, a row of six snow blocks appears in Rogers Arena, replacing the Skating Shy Guys as obstacles.

Additionally, despite being a remix course themed around the Vanilla Lake courses, no snow blocks are present in RMX Vanilla Lake 1.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイスキューブ
Aisu kyūbu
Ice cube
Chinese 冰塊
Bīng kuài
Ice cube
French Bloc de glace Ice block
German Eisblock Ice block
Italian Cubo di ghiaccio Ice cube
Korean 아이스큐브
Aiseu kyubeu
Ice cube
Portuguese Bloco de gelo Ice block
Spanish Bloque de hielo Ice block