New Year's 2020

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New Year's 2020
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Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The New Year's 2020 is an unlockable glider in Mario Kart Tour, classified as a tour-exclusive High-End glider. It is a variation of the Parafoil that consists of the number "2020" to coincide with the fact that New Year's Day 2020 would be taking place at the end of the Holiday Tour. Using Mushrooms grants more points when using this glider.

The glider was exclusively obtainable during the Holiday Tour and was part of the second week's spotlight, alongside Pauline (Party Time) and the Platinum Taxi.


MKT Icon Mushroom.png Mushroom Plus
Favored Courses
Three Star Shy Guy Bazaar R/TMKT Icon DKPassDS DonkeyKong.pngRainbow Road RRainbow Road TTokyo Blur 2TParis Promenade 2R/TNew York Minute 2R/TMario Circuit R
Two Star Shy Guy Bazaar TLuigi's Mansion TMKT Icon FrappeSnowlandN64 PinkShyGuy.pngFrappe Snowland RMKT Icon VanillaLake1SNES IceMario.pngMKT Icon TokyoBlur2.pngParis Promenade 2RMKT Icon NewYorkMinute2.png


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニューイヤー2020
Nyū Iyā 2020
New Year 2020
Spanish Rótulo 2020 2020 Label
French Aile du nouvel an 2020 New Year's 2020 Wing
German 2020-Gleitschirm 2020 Parafoil
Italian Parapendio 2020 2020 Parafoil
Portuguese Ano-Novo 2020 New Year 2020