Piranha Pipes

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Piranha Pipes
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Kart Driver Petey Piranha
Donkey Kong and Petey Piranha get set for a GP race while riding on the Piranha Pipes

The Piranha Pipes make up Petey Piranha's unlockable kart in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. They can be unlocked by completing the Star Cup in Mirror Mode. The kart is composed of two Warp Pipes stuck together, keeping in tradition with Piranha Plants' past roles: arising from pipes.

Based on in-game stats, the Piranha Pipes have the same speed and acceleration as the Wario Car and DK Jumbo. However, their weight is tied with that of the Koopa King and Boo Pipes, making them one of the heaviest karts in the game.

The Piranha Pipes' acceleration is equal to that of the DK Jumbo. As for the Piranha Pipes's top speed, it is also tied with that of the DK Jumbo, as well as the Barrel Train and Bullet Blaster. The Piranha Pipes, Boo Pipes, and Barrel Train are tied for being the least bouncy when making jumps, and this kart is also tied with the Boo Pipes and the Wario Car for being the thinnest heavyweight kart. Lastly, although the Piranha Pipes are a heavyweight kart, they have one of the better off-road statistics in the game; their off-road speed is tied with that of the Barrel Train, and their off-road speed is the second best of all heavyweight karts, losing only to the Boo Pipes.

This kart also reappeared in Mario Super Sluggers in the minigame Piranha Panic, being ridden by Piranha Plants that the player needs to hit by throwing baseballs at them.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワードッカン
Furawā dokkan
Flower "Paboom", dokkan is a word play on dokan, meaning "pipe" and "Kaboom!".
French Tuyaux Piranha Piranha Pipes
Italian Tubo Piranha Piranha Pipe