Green Fire

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Green Fire
The Green Fire from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Speed Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png
Acceleration Gold star.pngGold star.png
Weight Gold star.pngGold star.png
Kart Driver Luigi

The Green Fire is Luigi's kart in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! It is a green version of Mario's kart, the Red Fire, with a green and blue paint job, darker blue wheels, and Luigi's trademark L replacing the M on the front of the kart, on the wheels, and the tire hubcaps. This kart can be unlocked by completing the Mushroom Cup on 50cc.

By its stats, Luigi's Green Fire is the fastest middleweight kart in the game, and the only kart with good steering for being speedy. However, its acceleration and weight are low for a middleweight kart. It has the highest speed, and the lowest acceleration and off-road of all middleweight karts.

Despite having below average weight, the Green Fire can easily push the Koopa Dasher and Para-Wing around; even Daisy's Bloom Coach can be pushed around by this kart. However, the Green Fire, along with the Bloom Coach, can easily be pushed around by Diddy Kong's Barrel Train kart, which is a lightweight kart.

Although its acceleration stat displays two stars, the Green Fire actually has the same acceleration as the Barrel Train and Wario Car. It also shares the same top speed as the Wario Car and Parade Kart.


Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

  • Website bio: "Luigi's version of Mario's Red Fire, the Green Fire is a well-balanced kart. To unlock this kart, finish the 50cc Mushroom Cup with a 1st place win."

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グリーンファイアー
Gurīn faiā
Green Fire
French Flamme Verte Green Flame
German Grün-Feuer Green Fire
Italian Fiamma Verde Green Flame