Heart Coach

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Heart Coach
Mkdd heart coach.jpg
Speed Gold star.pngGold star.png
Acceleration Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png
Weight Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png
Kart Driver Princess Peach

The Heart Coach is Princess Peach's kart in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is a default middleweight kart when the game is first started. It has a pink paint job and has a heart on the front, instead of Peach's trademark crown.

The Heart Coach shows good acceleration with a below average speed. Its weight is tied with Mario's Red Fire and Diddy Kong's Barrel Train. Also, like the Red Fire and Barrel Train, the Heart Coach can dodge large items with ease. When compared to the Turbo Yoshi, however, this kart is lighter, despite sharing the same stats, but it bounces less, and loses slightly less speed when going off-road.

Despite the stats shown in-game, the Heart Coach's acceleration is ranked the worst of all the four star acceleration karts, only being tied with the Turbo Yoshi. But to compensate, the two karts offer the best top speeds of all the two star speed karts. The Heart Coach, Bloom Coach, Piranha Pipes and Boo Pipes all share the same engine sound.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロイヤルハート
Roiyaru hāto
Royal Heart
French Coche Cœur Heart Coach
German Herzchen-Mobil Sweetheart Mobile
Italian Cuoricina Little Heart
Spanish Calesín Corazón Heart Coach