Waluigi Racer

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Waluigi Racer
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Kart Driver Waluigi
The Waluigi Racer in action

The Waluigi Racer is Waluigi's unlockable kart in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is a middleweight kart, and is colored purple and dark gray, with a pointed front, like Waluigi's nose. It has the body style similar to a bike and looks similar to the Zipper from Mario Kart DS, and The Duke from Mario Kart 8. It is unlocked by completing the Flower Cup in 100cc.

According to the game, the Waluigi Racer shares the same stats as the Red Fire, but it's actually slightly heavier than most other middleweight karts, being just as heavy as the Turbo Yoshi.

In terms of its actual stats, while the Waluigi Racer's top speed is tied with that of the Red Fire, it shares the same acceleration as the Bloom Coach. Interestingly, when compared to all the other middleweight karts, the Waluigi Racer loses the least amount of speed whenever it goes off-road.

The Waluigi Racer is also wider than other karts in its class, making it more vulnerable to oncoming items or ones lying about. Likewise, the Waluigi Racer is quite bouncy while making jumps, which can greatly affect its speed on adverse terrain more than the other karts.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワルイージバギー
Waruīji bagī
Waluigi Buggy
French Waluigi Formula From "Formula 1"
Italian Waluigi Mobile -