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This is a list of media files for the game Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.


Audio.svg Title Theme - The title theme
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-TitleTheme.oga
Audio.svg Main Menu - The main menu theme
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-MainMenu.oga
Audio.svg Luigi Circuit, Mario Circuit, Yoshi Circuit - The main circuit theme
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-CircuitTheme.oga
Audio.svg Peach Beach, Daisy Cruiser - The theme for Peach Beach and Daisy Cruiser
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-PeachBeach-DaisyCruiser.oga
Audio.svg Baby Park - The theme for Baby Park
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-BabyPark.oga
Audio.svg Dry Dry Desert - The theme for Dry Dry Desert
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-DryDryDesert.oga
Audio.svg Mushroom Bridge, Mushroom City - The theme for Mushroom Bridge and Mushroom City
File infoMedia:MKDD Mushroom Bridge and Mushroom City Theme.oga
Audio.svg Waluigi Stadium, Wario Colosseum - The theme for Waluigi Stadium and Wario Colosseum
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-WaluigiStadium-WarioColosseum.oga
Audio.svg Sherbet Land - The theme for Sherbet Land
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-SherbetLand.oga
Audio.svg DK Mountain, Dino Dino Jungle - The theme for DK Mountain and Dino Dino Jungle
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-DKMountain-DinoJungle.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Castle - The theme for Bowser's Castle
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-Bowser'sCastle.oga
Audio.svg Rainbow Road - The theme for Rainbow Road
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-RainbowRoad.oga
Audio.svg Balloon Battle, Bob-omb Blast - The main battle theme
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-Battle.oga
Audio.svg Tilt-a-Kart - The theme for Tilt-a-Kart
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-Tilt-a-Kart.oga
Audio.svg Shine Thief - The theme for Shine Thief
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-ShineThief.oga
Audio.svg Staff Roll - The song played during the staff roll.
File infoMedia:MKDD-Music-StaffRoll.oga
Audio.svg Starman Theme - The song played when getting a Super Star.
File infoMedia:MKDD Starman Theme.oga
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Baby Luigi[edit]

Audio.svg Baby Luigi - "Baby Luigi number not one."
File infoMedia:BabyLuigiNumberNotOne.oga
Audio.svg Baby Luigi - "Oh boy, oh boy!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyLuigi - Commendation1.oga
Audio.svg Baby Luigi - "Baby power, baby power!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyLuigi - Commendation2.oga
Audio.svg Baby Luigi - "Thank you very much!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyLuigi - Commendation3.oga
Audio.svg Baby Luigi - "Play nice, play nice."
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyLuigi - Commendation4.oga
Audio.svg Baby Luigi - Baby Luigi laughing
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyLuigi - Commendation5.oga
Audio.svg Baby Luigi - "Luigi! Haha Luigi, Luigi, Luigi number one!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyLuigi - Commendation6.oga
Audio.svg Baby Luigi - "Checkered blankie for Luigi!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyLuigi - Commendation7.oga
Audio.svg Baby Luigi - "Baby Luigi, number one."
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyLuigi - Commendation8.oga
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Baby Mario[edit]

Audio.svg Baby Mario - "Not bad, for a baby."
File infoMedia:Baby MarioNotbadforababyMKDD.oga
Audio.svg Baby Mario - "Peek-a-boo!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyMario - Commendation1.oga
Audio.svg Baby Mario - "I got gas."
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyMario - Commendation2.oga
Audio.svg Baby Mario - "Oh boy!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyMario - Commendation3.oga
Audio.svg Baby Mario - "Ba ba! *imitates car engine*"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyMario - Commendation4.oga
Audio.svg Baby Mario - "Oh boy, it's-a mine!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyMario - Commendation5.oga
Audio.svg Baby Mario - "Thank you very much!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyMario - Commendation6.oga
Audio.svg Baby Mario - "Blast off!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyMario - Commendation7.oga
Audio.svg Baby Mario - "That's-a fun!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - BabyMario - Commendation8.oga
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Audio.svg Luigi - "Excelente!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - Luigi - Commendation1.oga
Audio.svg Luigi - "Yay for me, Luigi!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - Luigi - Commendation2.oga
Audio.svg Luigi - "Thank you very much!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - Luigi - Commendation3.oga
Audio.svg Luigi - "Yeah, yeah yeah you can do it, Luigi."
File infoMedia:MKDD - Luigi - Commendation4.oga
Audio.svg Luigi - "Go Luigi."
File infoMedia:MKDD - Luigi - Commendation5.oga
Audio.svg Luigi - "I'm-a surprise myself."
File infoMedia:MKDD - Luigi - Commendation6.oga
Audio.svg Luigi - "I did it, Luigi!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - Luigi - Commendation7.oga
Audio.svg Luigi - "Oh yeah, I gotcha!"
File infoMedia:MKDD - Luigi - Commendation8.oga
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Audio.svg Mario - "Fantastico!"
File infoMedia:MKDD Mario Fantastico Voice Clip.oga
Audio.svg Mario - "It's great!"
File infoMedia:MKDD Mario It's Great Voice Clip.oga
Audio.svg Mario - "Yay for me!"
File infoMedia:MKDD Mario Yay For Me Voice Clip.oga
Audio.svg Mario - "That's so nice!"
File infoMedia:MKDD Mario That's-a So Nice Voice Clip.oga
Audio.svg Mario - "Hooray!"
File infoMedia:MKDD Mario Hooray Voice Clip.oga
Audio.svg Mario - "Presto!"
File infoMedia:MKDD Mario Presto Voice Clip.oga
Audio.svg Mario - "Yay for Mario!"
File infoMedia:MKDD Mario Yay For Mario Voice Clip.oga
Audio.svg Mario - "Whoo-ho-ho! Lucky Mario! Oh yeah! It's-a Mario time!"
File infoMedia:MKDD Mario Lucky Mario Voice Clip.oga
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