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This is a list of media files for Mario Party: Island Tour.

Menu music[edit]

Audio.svg Main Menu
MPIT Main Menu.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Main Menu.oga
Audio.svg Download Play Menu
MPIT Download Play Menu.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Download Play Menu.oga
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Board music[edit]

Audio.svg Perilous Palace Path
MPIT Perilous Palace Path.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Perilous Palace Path.oga
Audio.svg Star-Crossed Skyway
MPIT Star-Crossed Skyway.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Star-Crossed Skyway.oga
Audio.svg Kamek's Carpet Ride
MPIT Kameks Carpet Ride.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Kameks Carpet Ride.oga
Audio.svg Kamek's Creepy Theme
MPIT Kameks Creepy Theme.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Kameks Creepy Theme.oga
Audio.svg Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain
MPIT Banzai Bills Mad Mountain.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Banzai Bills Mad Mountain.oga
Audio.svg Banzai Bill Launches
MPIT Banzai Bill Launches.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Banzai Bill Launches.oga
Audio.svg Rocket Road
MPIT Rocket Road.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Rocket Road.oga
Audio.svg Shy Guy's Shuffle City
MPIT Shy Guys Shuffle City.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Shy Guys Shuffle City.oga
Audio.svg Final Challenge
MPIT Final Challenge.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Final Challenge.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Peculiar Peak
MPIT Bowsers Peculiar Peak.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Bowsers Peculiar Peak.oga
Audio.svg Bowser Challenge
MPIT Bowser Challenge.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Bowser Challenge.oga
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Bowser's Tower music[edit]

Audio.svg Bowser's Tower Prelude
MPIT Bowsers Tower Prelude.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Bowsers Tower Prelude.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Tower Round 1
MPIT Bowsers Tower Round 1.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Bowsers Tower Round 1.oga
Audio.svg Battle with Goomba Tower - Goomba Tower Takedown - First phase
MPIT Battle with Goomba Tower.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Battle with Goomba Tower.oga
Audio.svg Goomba Tower is Mad - Goomba Tower Takedown - Second phase
MPIT Goomba Tower is Mad.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Goomba Tower is Mad.oga
Audio.svg Battle with Chain Chomp - Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge - First phase
MPIT Battle with Chain Chomp.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Battle with Chain Chomp.oga
Audio.svg Chain Chomp is Mad - Chain Chomp's Lava Lunge - Second phase
MPIT Chain Chomp is Mad.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Chain Chomp is Mad.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Tower Round 2
MPIT Bowsers Tower Round 2.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Bowsers Tower Round 2.oga
Audio.svg Battle with Mr. Blizzard - Mr. Blizzard's Snow Slalom - First phase
MPIT Battle with Mr Blizzard.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Battle with Mr Blizzard.oga
Audio.svg Mr. Blizzard is Mad - Mr. Blizzard's Snow Slalom - Second phase
MPIT Mr Blizzard is Mad.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Mr Blizzard is Mad.oga
Audio.svg Battle with King Bob-omb - King Bob-omb's Court of Chaos - First phase
MPIT Battle with King Bob-omb.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Battle with King Bob-omb.oga
Audio.svg King Bob-omb is Mad - King Bob-omb's Court of Chaos - Second phase
MPIT King Bob-omb is Mad.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT King Bob-omb is Mad.oga
Audio.svg Battle with Dry Bowser - Dry Bowser's Brain Bonk - First phase
MPIT Battle with Dry Bowser.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Battle with Dry Bowser.oga
Audio.svg Dry Bowser is Mad - Dry Bowser's Brain Bonk - Second phase
MPIT Dry Bowser is Mad.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Dry Bowser is Mad.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Tower Finale
MPIT Bowsers Tower Finale.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Bowsers Tower Finale.oga
Audio.svg Battle with Bowser - Bowser's Sky Scuffle - First phase
MPIT Battle with Bowser.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Battle with Bowser.oga
Audio.svg Bowser is Mad - Bowser's Sky Scuffle - Second phase
MPIT Bowser is Mad.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Bowser is Mad.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Tower Coda
MPIT Bowsers Tower Coda.oga
File infoMedia:MPIT Bowsers Tower Coda.oga
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Minigame music[edit]

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