List of Diddy Kong Racing media

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This is a list of media files for the game Diddy Kong Racing.

Sound effects[edit]

Audio.svg Ghost Wizpig - Used by Ghost Wizpigs with different speeds.[1]
File infoMedia:Ghost Wizpig.oga
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Bubbler the Octopus[edit]

Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Well done!"
File infoMedia:Bubbler_(well_done).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Now I challenge you to a race!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(now_I_challenge_you_to_a_race).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Tough luck, kid!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(tough_luck,_kid).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Maybe next time!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(maybe_next_time).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Come back whenever you're ready!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(come_back_whenever_you're_ready).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Try my new challenge!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(try_my_new_challenge).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Collect all the Silver Coins from my world."
File infoMedia:Blubber_(collect_all_the_silver_coins_from_my_world).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Find eight from each level and win!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(find_8_from_each_level_and_win).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Then return to me!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(then_return_to_me).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Hahaha!"
File infoMedia:Blubber (ha, ha, ha).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "If you beat me again, I'll give you a special prize!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(if_you_beat_me_again,_I'll_give_you_a_special_prize).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Well done, shrimp!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(well_done_shrimp).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "You have earned a piece of the amulet!"
File infoMedia:Bubbler_(you_have_earned_a_piece_of_the_amulet).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Now try the Trophy Challenge!"
File infoMedia:Bubbler_(now_try_the_trophy_challenge).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - "Goodbye!"
File infoMedia:Blubber_(goodbye).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - Overtaking
File infoMedia:Blubber_(overtaking).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - Attack
File infoMedia:Blubber_(attack).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - Hit
File infoMedia:Bubbler_(hit).oga
Audio.svg Blubber the Octopus - When overtaken
File infoMedia:Bubbler_(overtaken).oga
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Audio.svg Wizpig - "You can't beat me!"
File infoMedia:Wizpig (you can't beat me).oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - "No, no!"
File infoMedia:Wizpig (oh darn. no, no).oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - "Sorry to break the party, worms..."
File infoMedia:Wizpig (sorry to break the party, worms).oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - "...but I had to say goodbye!"
File infoMedia:Wizpig (but I had to say goodbye).oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - "See ya later, worms!"
File infoMedia:Wizpig (see ya later worms).oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - "Well, lookie here! It's the little worm!"
File infoMedia:Wizpig (well, lookie here. It's the little worm).oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - Evil laugh
File infoMedia:Wizpig (evil laugh) 1.oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - Evil laugh
File infoMedia:Wizpig (evil laugh) 2.oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - Evil laugh
File infoMedia:Wizpig (evil laugh) 3.oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - Evil laugh
File infoMedia:Wizpig (evil laugh) 4.oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - Evil laugh
File infoMedia:Wizpig (evil laugh) 5.oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - When overtaken
File infoMedia:Wizpig_(overtaked).oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - Crying after his first defeat
File infoMedia:Wizpig_(crying).oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - Scream
File infoMedia:Wizpig (scream) 1.oga
Audio.svg Wizpig - Scream
File infoMedia:Wizpig (scream) 2.oga
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