Wizpig's First Strike

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Diddy Kong Racing course
Wizpig's First Strike
Wizpig's First Strike.png
Location Overworld
Balloon(s) required 38; The Wizpig amulet must be complete.
Transportation Car
Course map
Minimap of Wizpig's First Strike from Diddy Kong Racing
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Wizpig's First Strike[1][2] is the fifth overall boss course and the 21st course overall in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS. Wizpig is raced for the first time after the four worlds are completed and the pieces of the Wizpig amulet are collected. It is located in the hub area of Timber's Island.

It rains on this course. It is a circular course with a log bridge that obscures two Zippers on either side of its end. There are Zippers that take the player over some bodies of water, which would otherwise slow them down. The Zippers on this course function a little differently than the ones in other courses; these Zippers require the player to release the acceleration button sooner to get green boosts than regular Zippers do.

There are no Weapon Balloons on this track, meaning that the player has to rely heavily on the Zippers in order to win the race. The official Diddy Kong Racing website suggested racing as Bumper on this track.[2]

In the Nintendo DS remake, the Zippers after the log bridge are repositioned.


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