List of Diddy Kong Racing pre-release and unused content

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The logo for Pro-Am 64, the canceled reboot of the R.C. Pro-Am series that eventually became Diddy Kong Racing.

This is a list of pre-release and unused content for Diddy Kong Racing.

Early builds[edit]

The intro cutscene from Adventure Mode uses an earlier version of the hub. Players cannot normally see these parts of the map, but they are different from the final release.

Unused data[edit]

Some unused cheat and debug codes can be found. Placeholder codes are displayed as a string of numbers and cannot be activated in the cheats menu.

  • High Speed Racing (code 1234567890): no visible effect
  • Print Coord (code 8846325012): shows the player's coordinates on the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • ROM Checksum (code DODGYROMMER): displays a checksum of the ROM when the player exits the cheat list.
  • Free Balloon (code EOLAOBFENRLONE): gives the player one free balloon. The code is an anagram of "ONEFREEBALLOON". This code is usable in-game, but the code is not displayed in the credits sequence.
  • EPC Lock Up Display (code EPC): if the game crashes, on the next start-up, the game will list a crash report, but the pages display only very briefly.
  • Control TT (code 1058732594): Actually used as a cheat.
  • Control Drumstick (code 8649305321): Actually used as a cheat.
  • Mirrored Tracks (code 0986754321): Similar to Adventure 2, which mirrors the track.

The sound test, which can be accessed by inputting JUKEBOX in the code menu. Soundtrack 12 is unused, and its file name is sea_2b. The background music is originally intended to play on Crescent Island. The character select theme, which changes every time a player selects a character, also has a file for a sitar-sounding instrument, suggesting that Taj the Genie may have been considered to be playable.

Unused tracks[edit]

Horseshoe Gulch is found in the game's files and is partially usable.

Five other unused track files can be found as well.

Unused graphics[edit]

Some remnants of the game's beginnings can be found in the game's files, such as the Pro AM 64 logo, which was used when the game was initially a project called "Pro Am 64". Files for placeholder graphics for the character select screen can be found with placeholder text for Conker, Timber, and Banjo, while images for Diddy Kong and T.T. are missing. Sherbet Island's tracks have placeholder signs. There is a sign for Twilight City, which corresponds to a course in the Future Fun Land lobby, and its internal name (TWILIGHTCITY) corresponds to T.T.'s Star City sound effect. Several icons, used presumably for debug reasons, can be found. Models for balloons showing character heads exist.

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