List of Game & Watch Gallery 4 pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Game & Watch Gallery 4.

Early builds[edit]

Several pre-release screenshots show that the game elements were very different from those seen in the final product.

Pre-release image Name Description Final release image
GWG4 Beta-Title Screen.png Title screen The title screen of the game showed many differences to the final version. Ignoring the Japanese text, the hatched Yoshi Egg and Koopa Troopa were closer together, the Goonie was larger, and there was no black crow present in the top left corner. There is also no bar at the bottom that reads "©1980–2002 Nintendo." GWG4-Title Screen.png
GWG Beta-Game Select Screen.jpg Game Select screen Of all the changes seen above, the Game Select screen has likely to have changed the most. The background was purple and the "Game Select" logo was larger. The Modern/Classic box was made blue and was given corners rather than round edges. When a game was selected, the game logo was more decorated, and there is no brick wall seen at the bottom of the screen. GWG4-Game Select.PNG
DK jr beta.jpg Donkey Kong Jr. The vine's leaves are different from those seen in the final game. The tree seen in the top left corner is much less detailed. The Mario and "miss" icon sprites are different. GWG4-Donkey Kong Jr Gameplay.png
GWG4 Beta-Rain Shower.jpg Rain Shower All the sprites seem to be different to those seen in the final version. Bowser's eyebrow is different, Donkey Kong Jr. is not symmetrical, and Princess Peach's face and crown look slightly different. Wario has a much redder nose, and the shape of the face has changed completely. Luigi's hand is smaller, and Mario's sprite was given an overhaul as well. GWG4-Rainshower Screenshot.PNG
GWG4 Beta-Octopus.jpg Octopus Very little appears to have changed in the game Octopus. The only visible difference is the change of Mario's sprite, which was given better shading and also faces more to the right. GWG4-Octopus Gameplay.PNG
GWG4 Beta-Fire.jpg Fire Mario's and Luigi's sprites are fairly shorter. Fire GW4.PNG
GWG4 Beta-Donkey Kong 3.jpg Donkey Kong 3 Mario's sprite was taken directly from Super Mario World, whereas Donkey Kong's is slightly different. His tie is a brighter color. The Fireball is more swirly (like in Mario Bros.). Donkey Kong's "miss" icon is also very different and is not seen in one-player mode. GWG4-Donkey Kong 3 Gameplay.PNG
GWG4 Beta-Donkey Kong.jpg Donkey Kong Little change was made to the level's background, but almost all the sprites look different from those seen in the final. Peach is taller in this screenshot. Mario's "miss" icon was changed as well. Mario's face is less grainy, while the Paratroopa was changed from a Super Mario World-based sprite into something unique. GWG4-Donkey Kong Gameplay.PNG

Unused data[edit]

A few sprites were found in the game's data, which do not appear in the final game.[1]

Sprite Description
GWG4 Beta-Mario Sprite1.png A sprite design of Mario was to be used in the game Mario's Cement Factory. It looks similar to the sprite used in Super Mario World, but it is not used in the final game.
GWG4 Beta-Mario Sprite2.PNG Appearing in the game Donkey Kong, an unused sprite for Mario is seen. This seems to be a slightly strange design, as it does not look much like Mario's generic appearance.
GWG4 Beta-Luigi Miss Sprite.PNG This sprite was to appear in the Mario Bros. game, and it seems to be an alternate "miss" icon for Luigi. In the final version, only a Mario "miss" icon is seen (even if the miss was at the fault of Luigi).
GWG4 Beta-Boxing Heart Sprite.PNG An unused sprite of a Heart is seen within the Boxing game. This heart is only a single frame, meaning that it was not made to move during development. In the final version, the hearts are rounder and burst when the player loses health.