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Gallery Corner
The Gallery Corner
The Gallery Corner in Game & Watch Gallery 4
First appearance Game & Watch Gallery 2 (1997)
Latest appearance Game & Watch Gallery 4 (2002)

The Gallery Corner is a location in the Game & Watch Gallery series that houses the Note Board, the Music Room, the Museum, the Gift section, Secrets (Game & Watch Gallery 3 only), and G&W History (Game & Watch Gallery 4 only).


Game & Watch Gallery 2[edit]

Game & Watch Gallery 2's Gallery Corner
Game & Watch Gallery 2's Gallery Corner

The Gallery Corner first appears in Game & Watch Gallery 2, where the Gallery Corner has four sections: the Note Board (initially available), the Music Room (five stars required), the Museum (ten stars required), and the Gift section (permanently available after the player collects 100 stars). With 55 stars, the Music Room can be upgraded.

Game & Watch Gallery 3[edit]

The Gallery Corner in Game & Watch Gallery 3
Game & Watch Gallery 3's Gallery Corner

The Gallery Corner reappears in Game & Watch Gallery 3, where the Gallery Corner holds the four sections used in Game & Watch Gallery 2 as well as Secrets 1 (15 stars required) and Secrets 2 (60 stars required). In Secrets 1, a sample of the reversed Fire is shown. In Secrets 2, the reversed Fire becomes playable.

Game & Watch Gallery 4[edit]

The Gallery Corner reappears in Game & Watch Gallery 4, where the Gallery Corner holds once again the four sections used in Game & Watch Gallery 2 as well as G&W History (70 stars required), a timeline about the original release date of every Game & Watch title released.

List of locations[edit]

Message Board[edit]

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Music Room[edit]

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Game & Watch Gallery 2[edit]

In this game, the Gift section controls when Ball (both versions and all four character variants) is unlocked. Going through here is required to unlock said game, and it instantly redirects to Ball after permanently unlocked.

Game & Watch Gallery 3[edit]

In this game, the Gift section is now hosted by Mario and Peach in the daytime (with a wall as a background). They show the player the secondary games that have been unlocked. Peach shows some things when presenting the secondary games, such as a Game Boy Color, a flag (when presenting Flagman), a hammer (when presenting Judge), a star (after the player collects 30 stars), a lion plush (when presenting Lion), a block (when presenting Spitball Sparky), and a Donkey Kong plush (when presenting Donkey Kong II). A pedestal also shows the secondary games' handhelds. Like in Game & Watch Gallery 2, going through here is required to unlock the secondary games.

Here is a complete list of Peach's lines:

  • When unlocking Flagman: "Have you played all games yet? There are more classic Game & Watch titles. For starters, I'll give you Flagman. Game A and Game B are different. Remember which button shows which number."
  • When unlocking Judge: "Are you getting used to playing? For your efforts, I'll give you Judge. Hit your opponent if it's a higher number. You can link with a friend to battle."
  • When unlocking Lion: "Seems like you're getting lots of stars. For more fun, I'll give you Lion. Use two men to push lions into the cage."
  • When unlocking Spitball Sparky: "Thank you for playing so much! Want more? Then take Spitball Sparky. Delete all blocks to go to the next stage. Guess how many stages there are."
  • When unlocking Donkey Kong II: "You've come a long way to get up here! The last gift is multi-screen Donkey Kong II. The basic rules are similar to those of DK Jr.."
  • Before unlocking credits: "You can collect more stars to open more events."
  • After unlocking staff credits: "Again, here's the impressive game finale. To see the credits screen, press A."
  • After unlocking both credits: "Again, here's the impressive game finale. To see the credits screen, press A. Press down and A to see character credits."

Game & Watch Gallery 4[edit]

In this game, the Gift section is now called Present, taking place indoors (with some gift boxes, toys, and plants as a background), and it is hosted by Mario and Mr. Game & Watch. They show the player the secondary and tertiary games unlocked. Before the handheld is shown, a ? Block falls from above and then morphs into the corresponding secondary or tertiary game's handheld. Unlike in Game & Watch Gallery 2 and Game & Watch Gallery 3, going through here is no longer required to unlock the secondary and tertiary games. After unlocking every secondary/tertiary game, the player will be redirected here, and after every secondary/tertiary game is presented, the player will be redirected to the Game Select screen (for secondary games) or the Museum (for tertiary games).

Here is a complete list of Mario's and Mr. Game & Watch's lines:

  • When presenting Chef:

Mario: Have you played all of the games yet?

Mr. Game & Watch: There are still more Game & Watch titles.

Mario: For starters, I'll give you Chef.

Mr. Game & Watch: Catch the food and cook it, but don't let it hit the floor!

Mario: Do you think Peach is a better chef than I am?

Mario: Are you getting the hang of G&W games? Why don't you try Mario Bros.?

Mr. Game & Watch: Move your characters up and down the ladders, but make sure none—

Mario: Of the packages fall off!

Mr. Game & Watch: You must be getting pretty good at some of these by now!

Mario: Well, try your hand at Donkey Kong!

Mr. Game & Watch: This is a vertical multiscreen game.

Mario: Try to reach the platform DK is standing on!

Mario: You did it! You can now play Octopus!

Mr. Game & Watch: Dive deep in search of treasure in octopus-infested waters!

Mario: Sure, it's scary, but don't you want that treasure?

Mario: This is the last ??? panel!

Mr. Game & Watch: Now you can play Fire Attack!

Mario: This game sounds similar to Fire, but it's not!

Mr. Game & Watch: It's completely different!

Mario: Try to take on enemies coming from all four directions!

Mario: Take a look at the Museum!

Mr. Game & Watch: All G&Ws are out, now you can play Manhole instead of—

Mario: Just looking at it!

Mr. Game & Watch: Enter from the Museum screen and play away!

  • When presenting Tropical Fish:

Mr. Game & Watch: You want to play Tropical Fish next?

Mario: You got it! If you don't catch the flying fish,—

Mr. Game & Watch: That darned cat's gonna eat them!

Mario: Now you can play Mario's Bombs Away!

Mr. Game & Watch: This rare G&W features a full-color main character!

Mario: Hand off those bombs and avoid that fire!

Mr. Game & Watch: Now you can play Parachute!

Mario: Save the parachutists from falling in the shark-infested waters!

  • When presenting Bomb Sweeper:

Mario: Here's Bomb Sweeper, a seriously smoking puzzle game!

Mr. Game & Watch: This G&W only uses the +Control Pad, so you can even play it—

Mario: With one hand tied behind your back!

Mr. Game & Watch: But can you solve all those puzzles so easily?

  • When presenting Climber:

Mr. Game & Watch: You just got Climber, where you've got to—

Mario: Climb as high as you can!

Mr. Game & Watch: Climber only has one play mode.

Mario: Look for footholds, and go for the summit!

  • When presenting Safe Buster:

Mario: Next is the multiscreen classic, Safe Buster!

Mr. Game & Watch: If you don't catch and dispose of the bombs dropped by the criminal,—

Mario: The safe will blow up, and the loot will be stolen!

  • When presenting Life Boat:

Mario: You unlocked Life Boat, a horizontal multiscreen game!

Mr. Game & Watch: Only four people fit in your lifeboat, so be careful!

  • When presenting Zelda:

Mario: Congratulations! Now you can play Zelda!

Mr. Game & Watch: Even if you see Game Over, you can still continue!

Mario: Don't worry if you start at zero!

Mr. Game & Watch: You'll find all of the pieces of the Triforce in no time!

  • Before unlocking credits:

Mario: Lots of things happen when you collect more stars!

Mr. Game & Watch: You get one star for every 200 points.

Mario: So keep practicing and playing those games!

  • After unlocking staff credits:

Mario: Would you like to see the staff credits again?

Mr. Game & Watch: Just press the A Button to watch them.

  • After unlocking both credits:

Mario: Would you like to see the staff credits again?

Mr. Game & Watch: Just press the A Button to watch them.

Mario: If you want to see the cast of our games,—

Mr. Game & Watch: Just press down on the +Control Pad when you press the A Button.


“This is Fire, introduced in Game & Watch Gallery 1. Don't you think something is wrong with it? The truth is, this Fire is reversed left to right. This version was planned to be released as is. The LCD designer happened to make it incorrectly. Nevertheless, the game was such as playable. It was released as it was. So far, it seems OK. This Fire is now hidden at Gallery Corner. Why don't you collect enough stars to play it. Well, that is all I wanted to say. See you around!”
Mario, Game & Watch Gallery 3

Appearing only in Game & Watch Gallery 3, the Secrets section has two parts: In the first one, Mario presents the reversed Fire while an animation of said game plays. In the second one, the player can choose to play the reversed Fire or not. The reversed Fire has some features and differences:

  • Pausing is not possible; pressing Start Button redirects the player to the Gallery Corner.
  • After the player gets a Game Over, the game instantly stops. Reentering the Secrets 2 section is required to play again.
  • The game behaves similarly to its Wide Screen version, but its appearance is from its Silver version.
  • The ambulance's lamp lights up when an evacuee is saved (does not give any extra points).
  • Its score font was previously used in Game & Watch Gallery.

G&W History[edit]

Appearing only in Game & Watch Gallery 4, G&W History shows the original release date for every Game & Watch game (including non-Super Mario related ones). Here is the complete list of G&W History:

Game Release date
Ball April 28, 1980
Flag Man June 5, 1980
Vermin July 10, 1980
Fire (Silver Screen) July 31, 1980
Judge October 4, 1980
Manhole (Gold Series) January 27, 1981
Helmet February 21, 1981
Lion April 27, 1981
Parachute June 19, 1981
Octopus July 16, 1981
Popeye (Wide Screen) August 5, 1981
Chef September 8, 1981
Egg October 9, 1981
Mickey Mouse (Wide Screen) October 9, 1981
Fire (Wide Screen) December 4, 1981
Turtle Bridge February 1, 1982
Fire Attack March 26, 1982
Snoopy Tennis April 28, 1982
Oil Panic May 28, 1982
Donkey Kong June 3, 1982
Mario the Juggler October 1982
Donkey Kong Jr. (New Wide Screen) October 26, 1982
Mickey & Donald November 12, 1982
Green House December 6, 1982
NES July 15, 1983
Donkey Kong II March 7, 1983
Mario Bros. March 14, 1983
Mario's Cement Factory (New Wide Screen) June 16, 1983
Rain Shower August 10, 1983
Popeye (Panorama Screen) August 30, 1983
Snoopy August 30, 1983
Manhole (New Wide Screen) August 24, 1983
Donkey Kong Jr. (Panorama Screen) October 7, 1983
Life Boat October 25, 1983
Mario's Bombs Away November 10, 1983
Pinball December 5, 1983
Spitball Sparky February 7, 1984
Crab Grab February 21, 1984
Mickey Mouse (Panorama Screen) February 1984
Boxing July 31, 1984
Donkey Kong 3 August 20, 1984
Donkey Kong Circus September 6, 1984
Donkey Kong Hockey November 13, 1984
Black Jack February 15, 1985
Tropical Fish July 8, 1985
Squish April 1986
Super Mario Bros. (Crystal Screen) June 25, 1986
Climber (Crystal Screen) July 4, 1986
Balloon Fight (Crystal Screen) November 19, 1986
Bomb Sweeper June 1987
Safe Buster January 1988
Balloon Fight (New Wide Screen) March 1988
Climber (New Wide Screen) March 1988
Super Mario Bros. (New Wide Screen) March 1988
Gold Cliff October 1988
Zelda August 1989

Some curiosities and errors are:

  • Crab Grab is misspelled as Crab Crab.
  • Mario the Juggler's release date says "October 1982," but the real release date of that game is October 1991.
  • The NES appears in this list because it was released during the Game & Watch era.


Game & Watch Gallery 3[edit]



Game & Watch Gallery 4[edit]



  • The illustration used for Game & Watch Gallery 4's Message Board says "Mario's Circus" (possibly because of the amusement park as a background).