Donkey Kong 3 (Game & Watch)

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Donkey Kong 3
Game watch donkey kong 3-1-.jpg
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Game & Watch
Release date August 20, 1984
Genre Platformer
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Game & Watch:
Game & Watch:

Donkey Kong 3 is a Game & Watch title for either one or two players, released as a part of the Micro Vs. series on August 20, 1984.[1] It was later included as a minigame in Game & Watch Gallery 4, with a Classic mode and an updated "Modern" mode.

The alarm bell

The alarm indicator for this game is a bell that is located beside Player 1's miss counter and spray value counter, and the bell flashes when the alarm goes off.


Just like in the original arcade version, Donkey Kong breaks into Stanley's greenhouse and goes to hang in the rafters, where he stirs up nests of Buzzbees and Beespies, which will destroy Stanley's flowers in revenge. Armed with a can of fly spray, Stanley must destroy the bees and chase Donkey Kong away before he wrecks the whole greenhouse.


Classic version[edit]

The Classic version of Donkey Kong 3

Stanley and Donkey Kong are at opposite sides of the screen, each holding a can of pesticide. They must each use their can to push bees towards their opponent. After a bee successfully reaches one side of the screen, the character on that side will get stung. The player earns a point every time their cloud of pesticide sends a bee toward Donkey Kong's side. The player earns 10 points if a bee reaches Donkey Kong's side. However, the objective is not as simple as firing pesticide towards the player's opponent. The bees move up and down the screen, forcing the player to do the same if to succeed. Also, each of the two characters has a limited supply of pesticide, which can be refilled; however, the player's back is turned while the player is refilling, rendering them defenseless. The player gets a miss if a bee reaches their side. When the player gets three misses, they receive a Game Over.

Misses cannot be removed in this game, so players will have to be cautious while playing.

Game B features a two-player mode in which both characters start with 50 points. If a bee reaches a player's side, that player will lose points. A player gets a miss if their score reaches zero.

Modern version[edit]

The Modern version of Donkey Kong 3

The Modern version has a few differences. First off, Mario replaces Stanley (just like how an Orange Yoshi replaces him for the Modern mode of Greenhouse in Game & Watch Gallery 3). Mario and Donkey Kong also have bubble shooters instead of pesticide sprayers. Plus, the setting is a Ghost House. Lastly, the bees have been replaced by a fireball and a Boo. The fireball remains in place until pushed away by the bubbles. The Boo attempts to sneak up on either Mario or Donkey Kong when one of them is busy refilling his bubble shooter. If the fireball or Boo reaches Mario's or Donkey Kong's side, whoever receives it will freak out. Unlike in the Classic version, music is featured.

If the player selects this game without actually starting it, it will show a humorous sequence. In it, Mario and Donkey Kong, in a similar manner to Wild West gun duels, take three steps forward before promptly turning to each other and firing their bubble shooters, only for the bubbles to coalesce into one giant bubble and detonate to such an extent that both Mario and Donkey Kong are knocked away.


  • +Control Pad: Move
  • A Button and B Button: Spray


Modern version[edit]