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Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game & Watch
Release date July 16, 1981
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Mode(s) Single player
Game & Watch:
Game & Watch:

Octopus is a Game & Watch title released on July 16, 1981[1]. In this game, the player must get as much gold as they can. However, they must watch out for the Octopus near the treasure, because if they touch its arms, they lose a life. Losing all lives results in a Game Over. Octopus also appears as a minigame in Game & Watch Gallery, Game & Watch Gallery 4, and Game & Watch Collection 2. Also, in Game & Watch Collection 2, one game combines this game together with Parachute.

In Game & Watch Gallery 4, if the player selects the game yet doesn't actually start it, a humorous sequence is shown. Mario arrives with a bag of loot in one hand and a Game Boy Advance in another. However, he ends up surrounded by four octopus arms (two on each side) that are menacing him. Trapped, he then calls on a Lakitu to help him. He then grabs the fishing pole of Lakitu and, trying to hold on, is ultimately forced to drop his belongings, with a crown and gold objects falling out of the loot bag. Finally, each octopus arm retrieves a treasure, including the loot bag itself as well as the GBA.

Classic Version[edit]

Three scuba-divers head for a treasure under the sea, guarded by the Octopus. The divers must be patient, because the Octopus's arms are moving randomly. The player earns one point for every piece of treasure they grab and three points for returning the load to the boat. As the player progresses in the game, the Octopus's arms will move faster. Game B is faster and more difficult. All three lives are restored once the player hits 200 points and 500 points.[citation needed]

Modern Version[edit]

The Modern Mode of Octopus in Game & Watch Gallery.
The Modern Mode of Octopus in Game & Watch Gallery 4.

The gameplay in this version is largely the same, but the graphics are updated, and the divers are replaced by Mario down below and Princess Peach in the boat. In this version, Mario earns more points the more treasure he brings to Peach. However, Mario gets slower as he grabs more treasure. To counter this, Mario can throw all of his treasure, which lightens his load and can stun one of the Octopus's arms for a brief time. Sometimes the Octopus squirts clouds of black ink, and if one hits Mario, he receives a miss. When Mario amasses 200, 500, and 700 points, a Lakitu will appear and drop a Heart for him to remove a miss. In Game & Watch Gallery 4, the Octopus changes color each time the player gets 200 points.

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