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Message Board
G&WG4 Message Board.png
The Message Board's appearance in Game & Watch Gallery 4
First appearance Game & Watch Gallery 2 (1998)
Latest appearance Game & Watch Gallery 4 (2002)
An example of a Game & Watch Gallery hint

The Message Board (Note Board prior to Game & Watch Gallery 4) is a location in the Game & Watch Gallery series that commonly stores messages about the game itself and tips & attacks about their respective minigames. As in Game & Watch Gallery, the Gallery Corner itself does not appear, but tips & attacks (they appear after losing any match (any game/version) with fewer than 100 points) and notes (they appear before entering the Game Select screen) are included separately.


Game & Watch Gallery 2[edit]

Game & Watch Gallery 2's Note Board
An example of a tip/attack

In Game & Watch Gallery 2, the Note Board stores unsorted messages. It seems to be located in the sky (with a castle as a background), with Toad (who hosts the Note Board) and Mario (who appears playing a Game Boy Color). In the messages, Toad appears to be sitting (with a grassy plain as a background).

Game & Watch Gallery 3[edit]

An example of a tip/attack
Game & Watch Gallery 3's Note Board

The Note Board in Game & Watch Gallery 3 now sorts the messages and tips/attacks separately. It seems to be located in a grassy plain (with hills as a background), with Toad (who hosts the messages) and Yoshi (who hosts the Tips & Attacks). In the messages, a Shy Guy and a faced flower appear (with a grassy plain, a lake, a forest, and pyramids as a background).

Game & Watch Gallery 4[edit]

Yoshi introduces the Gallery Corner.

In this game, the Note Board is now called Message Board. It seems to be located in an amusement park (as a background), with Yoshi (now hosting the note messages) and Toad (now hosting the Hints & Techniques messages). In the Note Messages, Yoshi appears to be eating mushrooms (with some trees as a border), and in the Hints & Techniques messages, some Toads appear to be carrying some items and coming from a Warp Pipe.