Rolling Panic

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Donkey Kong playing Rolling Panic.
Donkey Kong jumping over a log in Rolling Panic

Rolling Panic is a minigame from DK: Jungle Climber accessible from the Challenge menu. In this minigame, the player must jump over the logs rolling down the hill and avoid the boulders. When the player gets a determined score in a pre-determined time, they win.

This minigame, like the other five in this mode, has three levels, the last two of which are unlocked when the previous level is cleared. Level one finishes when the player got 100 points, level two with 150 points, and level three with 250. Clearing all three levels unlocks an endless mode.

Browser game[edit]

Adobe Flash version

An Adobe Flash version of this minigame was playable on the official DK: Jungle Climber website.[1] The browser version is largely the same as the original minigame, although it does not have a goal score to surpass. In this version there is a bug in which only one obstacle appears in each game until the page is reloaded.


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